Businesses be like: "You need to send us a written letter letting us know you're going to quit two years in advance, and assist us in training your replacement to do all the things you currently do, AND kiss everyone on the cheeks and tell them they're doing a good job today on the way out. But if you're fired you're gonna find out via a twitter post."

@fluxom_alt the only reason the cheek-kissing is an exaggeration is because it's for the sake of the employees (ostensibly)

@heyheather all it's gonna take is one well-worded TED talk about how it, somehow, results in cut costs and employee morale for someone to start doing it



@fluxom_alt I quit my last job with a same-day notification and it was a hugely powerful feeling.

They were baffled and upset that I didn't let them do an exit interview and I also ignored their request for me to fill out a survey.

If they'd wanted me to treat them with respect they should have respected me instead of asking me to work 14-hour days.

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