also shoutout to them for including ace in their collection!!!

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@fluxom_alt @irisjaycomics oh my heck, that's adorable. did they retire all the teal buses then?

@irisjaycomics @fluxom_alt I always saw them as more teal than hunter green, but I've been away long enough that my memory isn't fully reliable anymore

@fluxom_alt i have one that's a rainbow and says "gay for transit" and i love it

@fluxom_alt! give chris arvin all your money!!

@fluxom_alt ahhhhhh the PINS! I wish they had a nb pin but I'm glad they have sticker/tshirt

@fluxom_alt I love so much! That are just the cutest little mass transit! 😍

@fluxom_alt asfgthbthose cutie little barts! i’m died of train gay :blobcatmelt:

@fluxom_alt is that Transit Supply???? I got my kid a poster from there and we love it!

@fluxom_alt i love the appreciation and support but these puns are literally from the devil himself

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