Tell me about your isekai setting.

Mine is like normal earth except that the clouds pour down constant waterfalls instead of rain. This society has, somehow, become built entirely around adoring cats and enjoying the waterfalls while sipping tea by the window.

'I can't be productive today, my cat is in my lap' is not only an accepted mindset, it is an explicit law.

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downside is that nobody builds moon roofs because that'll just get your house flooded

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the rules of the setting are that this world is an eligible spot to be reincarnated into if a cat has been happy to see you at any time

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I used to be an overworked office lackey but now I get to pet cats all day in a flooded world??

it'll go on to make 54 volumes and get three seasons of anime, though the plot never gets more advanced than 'I love my cat.', 'my cat met my neighbors' cat', and 'sipping tea on a rainy day'

@BestGirlGrace I literally just read the first chapter of that, sighed wistfully, and then posted this thread

@fluxom_alt There's gotta be a flirt in here about how I'm living in your head.

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