thinking about what happened to wizards of the coast makes me sad

even through their corporate buyout and rebranding, they stayed players-first and kept MSRP at $4 a pack for decades

up until Khans-ish, you could see the effort being put into keeping competitive play affordable w/ ideas like masterpieces.

they were literally using the collectors market to subsidize the game and it ruled!!!

then hasbro finally learned they could leverage the secondary market for profit instead :)


@Duende minor correction: masterpieces were created as a flair thing in Battle for Zendikar, which came after Khans. They were kept around after WotC realized they had a secondary effect of keeping prices way down, then later got fucked around with a lot for profitability. Nowadays they've been replaced with showcase cards, which theoretically have a similar effect overall.

@fluxom_alt showcases don't impact card prices whatsoever unfortunately, but good catch on the rest

@Duende I'm hesitant to believe that the showcases have *no* impact, as just recently Theros Beyond Death mythics were tanked in price due to the saturation of showcases available from collector's packs.

Now personally I think having stuff separated into collector's packs is a pile of bs, but I've yet to meet anyone who believes otherwise yet.

@fluxom_alt i fucking hate the entire idea of collectors boosters lmao

TBD is a really weak set and the mythics tanking in price lined up with mtgo redemptions being made available, which has always had a huge impact on jank mythics - i don’t know how much of that price drop i’d attribute to showcases

@Duende A non-zero amount for certain. Availability of mythics from THB was inflated via limited showcase selection, giving a higher than average odds of pulling them and making them wildly readily available compared to the equivalents from Eldraine.

However this is the kind of thing that is quick to break down into anectodal evidence and hearsay because there's not a lot of hard numbers reports to justify direct causation. That said, now I'm curious so 1 second

@Duende okay so I'm realizing now that I don't know enough about statistics to properly interpret this data and that I don't care enough about this to pull more data either tbh

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