@fluxom_alt @Balina Pictured: regular flirting via kabedon and also esoteric flirting via sweatshirt designs

and also by "aaaaah, look at Lo"

@fluxom_alt @Balina Imagining one of those "Placename Athletic Dept" shirts, but it says "Ecological Consistency Dept."

@fluxom_alt So small, but their gay is so big even I have trouble holding it.

This is unbelievably good, Lo ;u;

@Balina the strength of your big gay energy empowers to make make even greater doodles!!

@fluxom_alt @Balina
Ok but hear me out
Bitty Lo gets Balina to pick them up on their palm
Asks to be lifted Closer
Closer still
Then Kabedon's the cheek

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