I'm reposting my tiny mouse motorcycler Behold because I still love this look and nobody can stop me

@fluxom_alt Mice on Motorcycles is totally a valid aesthetic! With a long history dating back to at least the 80's!

@[email protected] Ooh, that reminds me that someone wrote a biker mice RPG, I really ought to check on that.

@[email protected] Aha! Found it. Heavy Metal Thunder Mice, where you play mouse sized biker mice in a world where humans aren't aware of the animal societies hanging about at their feet. There's a review here:

@fluxom_alt scoot that bike on over and lemme smoch that mouse

@monica nope, just a standalone doodle I did a while back

@fluxom_alt I know I've squeeee'd about this repeatedly, but I remain impressed you managed to make the bike recognizable [One of the Honda Cub derived Trail bikes right?] and look good with an adorable mouse sitting on it and nothing looks over or underdetailed aaaa

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