@fluxom_alt omg you read so fast...... ;w; tell me more of ur thoughts


It was a little difficult to get into, but the hard swing from the main plot into a high school setting made the series feel much more generic off the bat. Fortunately once they get past that it starts to tick up in quality and finds it's footing, and once it does get past the followup training blahblah they hit the ground running with the main plotline. Once they GET there it's super good, but getting there was a little tough.

@FirstProgenitor I still don't really understand all that's happened at the beginning, and it felt kind of like a mess by throwing several different elements together (demons, virus, apocalypse, vampires, seraphs??, etc) all at once but they've been drawing connections that make it all feel less like a chaotic mess and more like it's actually going somewhere which is really nice too.

@FirstProgenitor anyway for the big plusses I love that once the series gets into the main plot thing it just GOES!!! Like, it's one thing into another and the plot keeps happening right then and there and it's keeping me hooked to the pages one chapter after the next. I'm really genuinely interested in where this is going now, and I'm really happy that they're not wasting time and going straight for the meat of the story one hit after another.

@FirstProgenitor Also, I refuse to believe Mika and Yuu weren't banging wildly during the timeskip because they're incredibly gay, it's not even subtext. It's all there on the paper.

@fluxom_alt dbdjbdjdnd I’m so glad you like it!!! Yea the beginning sucks fnidndd the first chapter I like a lot but the rest of volume one is hm bad. But it’s really good! Ons has a bad habit of making kinda No Sense but you stay for shinoa mika and yuu lol

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