Tell me about your sphinx oc and what they do instead of riddles.

Mine plays board games.

@fluxom_alt riddles, but they're just jokes from popsicle sticks and laffy taffy

@fluxom_alt mine asks philosophical questions that they don't have an answer to. They just want to have conversation about hypothetical situations.

@fluxom_alt "If you take apart a statue of a sphinx and rebuild it in the same place but with different materials, is it the same sphinx statue?

The Sphinx of Theseus

@fluxom_alt game show, absolutely
usually the trivia kind, but you never know if you're gonna be a Wheel of Fortune, a Jeopardy, a Lingo, or if you'll be tested on your willingness to kiss sphinxes

@BestGirlGrace Let me guess, if I lose I get twinned and kiss that sphinx a bunch. If I win, I also get twinned but I get a kiss on the forehead first?

@fluxom_alt I was thinking more in terms of winding up one of my lovely assistants, but that works, too.

imagining the hero having to compete in one of my shows in order to win the fabulous prize of whatever ancient macguffin is needed to save the world

@BestGirlGrace I'm gonna be honest, I already had a gameshow scene in mind for future pathfinder stuff

@fluxom_alt Ooh, that sounds like a lot of fun. Someone's been hard at work <3

@fluxom_alt ah yes, Khenut. brunette, tawny wings, recruiter, outgoing, friendly, glasses she doesn't need to seem slightly more approachable.

she moves around from company to company, industry to industry, absorbing knowledge, talking to people, wearing extremely good suits even just to have a phone chat. if you try to bullshit her about your qualifications, she knows instantly, and she will find you, and she will leave claw marks.

@fluxom_alt i am being informed that Egyptian sphinxes were usually wingless dudes and it's Greek sphinxes that were usually winged chicks. i gave her a pre-Arabic Egyptian name, so i guess she's trans 🤘

@fluxom_alt Y'know all those math problems you were sure had no real-world applications?
Guess what, their intended application was to survive my sphinx.

@fluxom_alt Don't worry, she doesn't know how to solve them, either. She just wants help because math is hard, yo.

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