what would a lamia lady use as an office chair

@fluxom_alt well, she's kinda got the swivelling built in, but she would want the wheels

So maybe like a wide office with extra wheels for support?

@BestGirlGrace see, I feel like if the tail is a constant extension from her spine then it'd be uncomfortable to hold it in that bend for a long period of time

though, I suppose she could have a nominally human hip and leg split, but that the bones merge back into a tail structure lower down, so she'd be able to sit on chairs like anyone else would and the tail could do its own thing

@fluxom_alt I figure that the most comfortable way for her to "sit" is by coiling, so I'm trying to think of something she could coil around/on comfortably and still have some wheels to scoot around on.

I imagine she doesn't get much benefit from normal chairs, except maybe as support. Even if she could sit in a chair kind of like a human, isn't she way too long?

@BestGirlGrace she's like, abstractly long, yeah. I think every time I picture her I just picture her tail strewn about and taking over the room hrmm


@BestGirlGrace Consider: similar to an office chair in how it helps the humanoid part of the spine keep posture, but with an extra curve and sloop in the seat to give way for her tail, and a smooth disc over the wheels so her tail cant get caught in them. She can then wind her tail around the central pillar of the lower chair, and then theres some pegs sticking out the back for her to slither her tail around in whatever is comfortable.

@BestGirlGrace the upsides: mostly normal appearing, and allows her to have a solid posture line for daily use on her human part and let her adjust her coil freely for the snakey parts

the downsides: this is assuming some level of hip like swivel, which wouldn't be comfortable for long if she has a continuous spinal column into the tail also this requires a downward curve around the knee-adjacent area which over a long time could be tiring unless her skeleton is specialized for it

@fluxom_alt okay, so, I'm love this? I like that she can sit up and look smugly at whoever's talking to her and seeking her audience.
If nothing else, I imagine her using her hands to have to twirl herself around or push herself off of stuff for proper swivelling or rolling.

@BestGirlGrace Now this one is a little more absurd but fuck it, she's rich, and snakes deserve every luxury in the world for being perfect. So this one combines a fainting couch design with a snake tree coil thingy, which legs her stretch out her back any way she wants by adjusting her position and rolling around as she pleases or altering her coil pattern. The only downside is that this doesn't have a thing for supporting proper back posture per se, so it doesn't really support her torso right

@fluxom_alt Now that is a comfortable-looking snake! And I bet that if she really wanted, she could just kinda slide down and let the human prat lay down on the couch.

Also, it lets her look down on all the good girls on ground level and tease them from above, which is good.

@BestGirlGrace Now consider: Conversation pit, like that link you sent me earlier. She can basically do anything she wants in there, which is great since that includes piling in the drones to coil around and winding whatever way she wants. This isn't particularly functional for being up and alert on a work basis, but it sure as hell looks comfy and versatile for casual use

also she could unwind and cover up the walls of it for that box comfort :blobcatmelt:

@BestGirlGrace also I had a thought while drawing this one: she's rich! she has a legion of drones and can operate through a series of proxies and commission specialized tools to maximize her own potential, and if the wildly inhuman nature of her space is an issue well she's so far above others that it's completely their problem and not hers. So a desk doesn't need to conform to a human idea of a desk when it could be anything that functions FOR her, not something that she finds a way to fit to

@fluxom_alt Yeah! Like, what if her desk is a big circle with soft stuff around the base that she coils around, and then kinda shifts around the desk by adjusting her coils? That way, no need to mess around with chairs, she can be at whatever height she wants, maximize accessible surface area, and also be snake.

@BestGirlGrace ohhh!!! I'm picturing like, her desk is the central pillar she can wrap herself around, and then the uppermost surface of it has the computers and stuff for her working with. A secondary ring surrounds the top area can give her something to rest her back against and lean her weight against once she's up there to relax, and also provide further area for table space/storage. So she can slither up the central column and enter her office space that way.

@BestGirlGrace hrmmm this sorta thing would basically mandate an entire office structured around it, but there's no reason she can't have the whole office be built entirely for her use first, and people's passage second. It'd certainly give an alien feeling whenever someone else walks in there. Perhaps it has multiple floors in one room, to effect? So the base floor has the desk above it, but the topmost floor the desk appears inset into the ground like the convo. pit looks

@fluxom_alt It Like, Adder absolutely has the nicest and best office. It would be weird if she didn't have an office custom built to her specifications.

So, like, folks would walk under Adder while she works, and see her coiled around her deck at her computer?

@fluxom_alt Yeah, there you go! She can coil and uncoil freely, maximum available surface area, and there's plenty of room for drawers and stuff because she's an information broker and has to keep a lot of secrets close to the chest.

@BestGirlGrace If we keep it to a circular pattern as well there's no reason the space above the desk can't have coil branches an the like for her to slither around and enjoy a floor to ceiling window view of wherever she is, too!!

@fluxom_alt Can you imagine walking into Adder's office and she's just smugly looking down on you from one of her heated desk branches, just the comfiest thing in the world right now

@BestGirlGrace Walking into the room and having no earthly idea how to navigate that space, much less how to get her attention from all the way down here.

Also, if there's enough butt space on her circle desk she can proxy herself through a bunch of drones and have them typing/writing away while she lounges up top

@fluxom_alt That's the other thing I was thinking- Adder is a technopath. She probably almost never has to actually work on a computer herself. She has the desk, for appearances or paperwork or the occasional real computer work, but she can absolutely just lounge and bodysurf.

@BestGirlGrace The space is built for her first, and she's capable of using all of it with the utmost comfort, but the drones are also built for her and it's really sunny today so she'd much rather warm her scales and relax up in her glass tower while her mind uses the drones instead

@BestGirlGrace and for the record I am absolutely sketching out Adder's office atm.

@BestGirlGrace consider: spiral staircase that people can take but it's half smooth ramp for her to slither up if she feels like using it. Others have to use the outer steps.

@fluxom_alt Imaging walking into Adder's office and there's this big ol' spiral staircase with the occasional drone shuttling stuff up and down.

Also, if someone thinks Adder isn't watching, they can slide down afterwards.

@BestGirlGrace okay so, I can already see how to improve this but it let me get a number of ideas out into paper form. This is very much leaning on the pillar idea all the way through and making a very vertical space for her, with a winding staircase connecting all three floors, and her desk space moving from the 2nd up to the 3rd.

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@fluxom_alt If a space is made for you, that means it's for your business and pleasure! Especially if you're the super duper snake boss.

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