@BestGirlGrace Bot Tarts: RAM chips

Tom Tarts: Only for tomcats

but if you combine them,


@BestGirlGrace A bear and a half!!!! I can help fight two bears, but we'd all die in the process I think.

@fluxom_alt Yeah, and you can have so much more fun with a bear. We could all go bully twinks together.

@BestGirlGrace Flaxen Intruder is my MTG sona because an ideal night starts with three bears in my presence. C:

@BestGirlGrace vahsjdgajajdhdjsjhahd I didnt think about when I said it but youre RIGHT

@BestGirlGrace Yes dear I have a crush on you too, and you have VERY pretty blonde hair :heart_sparkles_pride:

@fluxom_alt I know, dear. I never really appreciated my hair until you started getting all gay for it. <3

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