last night someone used my deadname and I shot back "That's my name! Wear it out so it becomes weaker and I can better throw it in the trash on October 1st."

@fluxom_alt supporting your friends by screaming their deadnames again and again into an empty soundproof room so that when someone tries to deadname them for real the name just disintegrates from overuse

@minty_da someone tries to use my deadname in an act of spite, but the word has become so worn down and weak that it breaks apart into sand in their mouth. Now they're awkwardly spitting out sand particles and I don't have to listen to them.

@fluxom_alt @minty_da you see fae curses by using the bond of your name to your being deadnames become worn out and like a dead vine grow very weak very quickly and thus if you give them to a fae the bond breaks and they have no power over you

@fluxom_alt @minty_da oh yeah this one! I loved this comic before I quit twitter

@ItsMorgan @fluxom_alt @minty_da that's your chosen name if you involve yourself in dark magic, as you see it inspires fear in those who hear and/or speak it

@ItsMorgan @fluxom_alt @minty_da a dreadname cannot be used against you as that is like trying to steal a sword grabbing it by the blade

@Breakfast @ItsMorgan @minty_da If you try to utter someone's dreadname and you're not powerful enough you'll just lose your tongue in the process.

@fluxom_alt @ItsMorgan @minty_da that's what happens for extremely powerful witches, it mostly just inflicts a panic effect on those who speak it vainly

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