i've got butterflies in my stomach because I've been voring butterfly girls


@BestGirlGrace I felt the energy of the post faster than I saw who posted it

@fluxom_alt I'm both flattered and realize I have some twinning to do

@BestGirlGrace @fluxom_alt @minty_da you see its misleading bc Lo is the only one in the hivemind w/o that queer villain pride

@Breakfast @fluxom_alt @minty_da Hey, Murdermaid's got so much pride, it takes 14 of her to hold it all!

@fluxom_alt @minty_da @BestGirlGrace she’s already got the surgical mask~ there’s no reason not to let it fly elsewhere

@Breakfast @fluxom_alt @minty_da What's more villain pride, the flag or always being in the company of your supervillain princess?

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