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The Loccubus ramble 

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To all the people who followed me here because I posted a WIP once or twice 

you ever think about how hard they must have to yell at each other so that they can hear during a meeting

Saix: today on the agenda we'll be addressing-

Axel: what?

Saix: today we'll be addressing-

Larxene: what???

Saix: *today we'll be addressing progress at beast's castle!!! Xaldin, if you please!*

Xaldin: *mutters*

Saix: *throws his clipboard*

why crypids fucking sucks, an essay. CW meta, ableism, anti-furry and anti-kin sentiments, and just generally people being fucking awful. One week in and already over 140 people have decided to LIVE DELICIOUSLY. Will you be the next one to sign the pact and get a delectably diabolical art book full of queer demon smut? Back BOOK OF SHADOWS: BUFFOMET today! #kickstarter

I don't know what all the discourse is about but apparently some people are being bad to kin folk so I'm gonna say kin valid

vampire thirstposting 

she was a boy
also a girl
could i make it aaaany more oooobvious

sharkgirl hypnokink 

I'm giving shark lo giant useless pawbs and you can't stop me

Reasons to get good at art:

❌ Make a lasting cultural impact
❌ Affect people's lives in a positive way
❌ Make a lot of sweet porn
✅ Draw your own sonas at the drop of a hat

sharkgirl hypnokink 

sharkgirl hypnokink 

sharkgirl hypnokink 

sharkgirl hypnokink 

sharkgirl hypnokink 

the order in which you hit them changes the exact effects of the combo btw. i went B-G-T-B-L which gets double knockback and sets my opponents on fire

TRANSITIONING TIP: try to hit being L, G, B, *and* T at different points in your life to get the Gay Rights Combo which deals +250% damage against terfs

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