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lo draws that orc wifing idea, intentional misgendering of a cute cat girl by a rude boy 

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Read Witches' Servant

I'm tired of posting this link every time it updates so I'm making this a pinned post for the future

Read it, nerd.

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The Loccubus ramble 

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To all the people who followed me here because I posted a WIP once or twice 

HAven officially GotY because a loading screen reveals that Kay (the cute boy) absolutely wears a frilly pink apron with nothing else on as a flirt and thats the kind of masculinity I stand behind

Incremental Games are like the purest form of base dopamine go brr machines possible

number go up, dopamine machine go brrrr

brain pills 

My life goal is to walk in the room and hear @BestGirlGrace start chanting Gender! Gender! Gender! Genesic GaoGaiGender!


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the other method to heal is by cooking and eating together

you gain exp by strengthening their relationship so like, cooking together, fighting enemies together, etc etc etc and then you level up by getting drunk on home-made celebratory cider and talking about their past

they adopt a pet lizard

it's so fucking much

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one of the means you can heal is just by not touching any buttons so the characters will walker over and hug/kiss eachother and their health'll go up and I shouted oh FUCK OFF LOVEBIRDS when it happened as I melted

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Haven is a good game so far but it's so pornographically romantic that despite having been in a dedicated, long term, loving relationship for 9 years I *still* feel too Too Single to handle how much romantic bullshit is going on between the two main characters

nsfw, i made a really cool thing, play it, it's a good game 

pizza is a magic circle

the spell is Give Heartburn

RE8 called shot 

why is it called Resident Evil Village and not Resident eVIIIl

snapcube, RE7 

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