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If you see me posting about something I enjoy and decide this is a good time to dunk on it, then remember this message first:

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lo draws that orc wifing idea, intentional misgendering of a cute cat girl by a rude boy 

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Read Witches' Servant

I'm tired of posting this link every time it updates so I'm making this a pinned post for the future

Read it, nerd.

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The Loccubus ramble 

cass you fucker put that back up this instant I was reading that

hey @Qwyrdo can I get a tattoo of the cool nonbinary crossbow? (its cool to say nah)

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is qwyrdo still around I wanna ask if I can get a nonbinary crossbow tattoo

It's 11pm do YOU know where I am? I don't, I need help and all I can do is.make commercials that mimic 90s parental scares. Find me.

Me: I can do this other thing real quick

The rainbow rem on my desktop: >:T

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this fucking gif has been sitting on my desktop judging me for all my actions and honestly it's been helping my work flow

"Hello, HexCorp? I'd like to order an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, please!"

some reminders:

you do not need dysphoria to be trans

it's okay to explore your gender and land back on cis

when it comes to gender, "faking it" is a myth

We used to have Johann Konrad Richthausen von Chaos, Earl C. Gay, and Tanneken Potters. Now we have no chaos, no gay, and no potters!

another day volunteering at the neurotransmitter museum. everybody keeps asking me if they can inhibit the serotonin reuptake. buddy,

plantfucker fanfic spoiler I guess, open if you want to be really really angry at me 

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making a terrible joke off a characters name that nobody will ever know because by the time it shows up I'll have forgotten it too


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mh morbid, sui joking not-joking ref 

This is one of the greatest NPC lines in all of pokemon

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