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The Loccubus ramble 

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To all the people who followed me here because I posted a WIP once or twice 

Having hairy legs: No thank you

Cute fluffy demon goat leggies: Yes please. Lovely fluffy. I will care for to excessive degrees. These hooves are made for stepping.

yet more quick and rough Golden Bough doodle, scars 

My favorite highlight is the idea that a croc has decided to change it's diet to Bull Sharks as a lifelong act of revenge.

"Lo what are you talking about?"

Well, here is a link for yOU! About lovely perfect crocodiles and how they are the biggest most lovely boys

They are unstoppable

Physics: If you skull keeps getting bigger the force of your own bite will destroy it

Crocodile: That's fine, I'll just have my skull develop in a way to defeat you

Physics: No

Croc: yes

"I have decided this is fine, and evolution is for whimps." Says the noble crocodile as they sit in one spot in a river and wait for something to swim into it's open mouth.

Crocodiles are great 'cause they could have evolved over thousands and thousands of years but instead decided to continue being giant lazy dinosaurs and nobody can really stop them.

Stands are basically just super powers you can fuck.

hashtag introductions hi im lo you're probably here because of a thread in which Grace and I rambled for 50+ posts on a topic that started vaguely horny and rapidly became overly complex thought experiments on theoretical kink space

unfortunately, the rest of this feed will be unadulterated trashpost mania in which that sometimes happens too

Petition to make Spiro 2: The Sequel

It's like spiro but I don't feel like my mouth is getting struck by industrial cleaning agents when I get it stuck on the roof of my mouth.

I like when people are excited about things and i like listening to them talk about it even when it all flies right over my head

another small quick Golden Bough doodle 

learning how to style my hair with brightly colored pins so I can look good with 5 of them on and become a jojo

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