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If you see me posting about something I enjoy and decide this is a good time to dunk on it, then remember this message first:

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lo draws that orc wifing idea, intentional misgendering of a cute cat girl by a rude boy 

Me: I could draw this now and then

Brain: but effort

Me: I could give like no effort

Brain: okay you may begin

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Read Witches' Servant

I'm tired of posting this link every time it updates so I'm making this a pinned post for the future

Read it, nerd.

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The Loccubus ramble 

so, for starters, this is Loccubus

The initial idea is based on a dreampost from a while back but it really resonated with me for a number of reasons that I needed to sit and reflect upon, 'cause when I drew this I basically just took a bunch of personal hangups and woes and blahdyblahblah and just threw it all onto the paper

cw twink blucifer again 

the best part about drawing ol' blucy is that no matter hos exaggeratedly knobbly I make the body it's still accurate

gundam witch of mercury spoilers 

tfw you accidentally become a lesbian

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gundam witch of mercury spoilers 




i could easily defeat the demon lord threatening this idyllic fantasy world, but certain people have been a bitch to me, so I won't

honestly, "I Could Easily Defeat The Demon Lord Threatening This Fantasy World, But Certain People Have Been A Bitch To Me, So I Won't" works as a light novel title

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J wanted something more to hold on my head so guess which bitch hss been growing þeir hair out again

oh also I did a picrew

did y'all hear about the werewolf stenographer who just got collared by her domme?

anyway, for more terrible jokes, lycan sub scribe

introducing friends to blucifer in voice chat just to catch 'em with the blucifer drawing right after

skunk bulge, mild spoilers for the finished piece I guess??? 

tfw ur mega cute n mega gay

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there is JUST the bulge in this one 

okay I gotta do CHORES and FOOD and stuff I guess but in the meantime here I've plotted out the shape of a restrained skong

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theres a bulge in this one 

"is there an elephant in your bikin- oh"

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re: theres a bulge in this one 

@fluxom_alt all placental mammals have bellybuttons, a class that includes skunks. so yes!

i woke up this morning feeling divine inspiration for a piece i've been going back and forth on, and it's finally coming together

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