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The Loccubus ramble 

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To all the people who followed me here because I posted a WIP once or twice 

#FC2020 BADGE POSTING RUSH GO!!!! i got to draw so many extremely cool characters this year, it was so rad! these are for @[email protected] , @BestGirlGrace and @hierarchon ... (1/4)

dronekink writing trashpost 

dronekink writing trashpost 

Lizards and Snakes have the right idea in life. Sleep all day, lay on warm rocks when awake.

heard joke: man goes to doctor, says world is cold and cant seem to warm up
doctor says ur lizer dumbass go lie on warm rock

if you're from Georgia you're obligated to tell me so I can be emotionally prepared for your passive destruction of my ass

read me an encyclopedia entry with that soft Georgia accent and my pants will fucking evaporate

Oh I remembered a state! Georgia, because everyone I've met from Georgia has the cutest fucking accent I can't handle ti dlkhga;sklf;alskjdf;lskgh;laskdjf;lskjflsgh;alsdkjfalskjfaslkghs;lkgjasdf

LB you heard it hear first folks, to be cute you gotta nap

I slept in too much to be anything but cute so

I am the anti-Iris, the highest score I ever got on a geography test was a 15/100

Overwriting my inherent norcal accent with heavy valley girl accent 'cause it'll either turn people on or get them to leave me alone, and both are fine.

The best part about kingdom hearts is that someone who’s not familiar with the series will make a joke about one of its aspects not realizing the reality of it is more ridiculous by miles


@fluxom_alt I guess you could say that Yugi's grandpa Lo-cated Behold

why you ask??? because my eyes have popped out of my head after rolling them too much at "X is a normal boring (and highly relatable) boy until GIRL appear!!!!"

the search function I want most on manga sites is female protagonist

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