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If you see me posting about something I enjoy and decide this is a good time to dunk on it, then remember this message first:

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lo draws that orc wifing idea, intentional misgendering of a cute cat girl by a rude boy 

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Read Witches' Servant

I'm tired of posting this link every time it updates so I'm making this a pinned post for the future

Read it, nerd.

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The Loccubus ramble 

sometimes I'm having a normal one, sometimes I'm sitting here thinking about psychopass CAUSE I FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL for an hour

if you answer calligraohy gif you will be added to my mailing list of calligraohy gifs I send to balina

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I say "here have some porn" what do you expect

hey this is unrelated to anything going on but if someone could check up on me in two hours that'd be a big comfort, please and thank

my brain: hey what if warframe is good again
me: you KNOW it isn't going to be
my brain: but what if????
my brain:
my brain: we could-
me: for once in my life I'm able to say no to you and I wish it was for things more important than this

thinking about how the friend group watched mythbuster try to get aprayed by a skunk and the whole time we were like "of COURSE theyre not spraying you, skunks are chill!!!"

I had a dream that I was in a bad situation but had a pet skunk and everything kept working out 'cause my lil skunk friend loved to Do Crimes all day every day

I did it, I got everything I wanted from Bozja and got all the classes I wanted up at 80 and I'm all done farming stuff on the run in to Endwalker

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