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The Loccubus ramble 

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To all the people who followed me here because I posted a WIP once or twice 

horny pic idea cubi and weird ichor junk 

horny pic idea cubi and weird ichor junk 

horny pic idea cubi and weird ichor junk 

@BestGirlGrace You may have already seen this, but the friend to all is in the Ikoria set. Gamera just doesn't get a promo card because they're not part of the Godzilla license.

I've decided I'm not drawing today. My wrist hurts and its too shaky

i feel like drawing some loccubus porn but idk what of

mtg nerdery 

A piece for @kelseyhusky !!! Several times while making this I thought "well hrm this seems like an excessive amount of hydras" but the hydras are losing so clearly it's not enough

#mecha #furry #sciencefiction #queerartist #transartist


so fun fact, in the 80s a troop of baboons enacted social change by getting their most aggressive males to eat meat tainted with bovine tuberculosis. apparently they remained peaceful for 20 years and presumably are still peaceful (i can't find any modern articles)

ONS spoilers, violence 

If humans evolved from monkeys then why aren't monkeys forming governments, checkmate atheists

dydphoria feelings 

dydphoria feelings 

Pre-ripped jeans and artificially compressed jpg memes are the same product

Its been canon the whole time, folks. I'm part of the Patriots.

cyberpunk: to save Qira you must Jack into the Cyber_verse with your dataSword, イケメン
2020 actual: i'm accidentally learning the official names of all the emoji so i can type them faster on one of the apps the pandemic randomly assigned my social life to

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