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If you see me posting about something I enjoy and decide this is a good time to dunk on it, then remember this message first:

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lo draws that orc wifing idea, intentional misgendering of a cute cat girl by a rude boy 

Me: I could draw this now and then

Brain: but effort

Me: I could give like no effort

Brain: okay you may begin

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Read Witches' Servant

I'm tired of posting this link every time it updates so I'm making this a pinned post for the future

Read it, nerd.

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The Loccubus ramble 

so, for starters, this is Loccubus

The initial idea is based on a dreampost from a while back but it really resonated with me for a number of reasons that I needed to sit and reflect upon, 'cause when I drew this I basically just took a bunch of personal hangups and woes and blahdyblahblah and just threw it all onto the paper

deep throating a garden hose so I can twist it to point up and full blast it, purging my entire nasal cavity in a horrific surge of water that launches out my nose and whips my head back with enough force to launch me, destroying allergies once and for all

looking at the lil checkered scarf on Grace's icon and being a gay abt it

I just, I can't, there seems to be so much love for a return to nature plotline in this era and they all end up turning into someone having an anprim moment and they're all just hilarious to me now

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rewatching eureka seven and realizing this guy's whole speech just boils down to being an anprim. I immediately burst out laughing

my brain is terminally hentai poisoned 

the context is completely innocent, but my brain,,

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my brain is terminally hentai poisoned 

I... oh I did not get the right read on this title

today I got to introduce Inumo to the Tequila Gundam which means now I can post about how wild it is that it came back But Better in build divers

At least once a week I think about the 'Virgin 'having sex' vs Chad 'staying a virgin until you're 30 to become a wizard' ' meme and I think that one is just etched into my soul whether or not I like it

another day another instance of me creating increasingly baffling porn with Grace in it. I don't know how to explain this, much less tag it. You've been warned 

a commission for @hearth guest starring one @BestGirlGrace doing


okay like it's team fortress 2 spy sapping sentry, right? but like, Hearth is the sentry and also super cute and instead of sapping its a yeehaw (which is an in-joke reference towards aural sex based on this whole thing with Grace which, like, okay so to explain that we have to roll back to this old political cartoon-

transformation, petplay kink, implied institutional kink, dubious consent, depersonalization 

Person who's recently discovered they're a pet (and has to hide it if they want to stay a person) is sitting around and hanging out with some friends, between them on the couch. They're having a good time but their head has been fuzzy the whole evening, and it takes a lot of concentration to not zone out or groan at the discomfort

They're listening to their friends talk past them when a spell of blankness hits, and they know they shouldn't react, but it's getting really hard to focus, but if they try to deal with it now they'll definitely look suspicious, and it's really too early to send them home without-

Their friend is asking if they're okay, and now their other friend is pointing out the pair of ears that have appeared on their head. The pet startles, disoriented, and tries to explain; it's not so bad, they can keep it a secret, nobody has to know. Their friends are telling them that's not how it works, and they know that but they're pleading with them not to call the Registry anyway

And now their friends are shushing them and comforting them, keeping them in their seat. They're on the verge of panic, trying to tap into that flight response, but there are fingers in their hair, and they've spent so long avoiding touch and affection that it overrides everything else in their had. All those feelings they try to ignore flooding in at once, and they stay put, even as one of their friends gets out their phone

They don't pay attention to the call, or what's going to come next. Someone's going to come along with some equipment and a collar, and that'll be it for their hopes of staying a person. Maybe some part of them knows that. If only the gentle patronising encouragement and attention wasn't so nice, so perfect, they might've had a chance.

Probably not, though. They let out a relieved sigh and sink back into the couch.

still in monsterfucker mode 

like I really can't imagine myself getting very far in any of these fantasy settings when someone could just pop out of the woods like "hey we're a species of clockwork doll girls and we need to tf people to continue our existence" and I'll just be like "ah right well it's basically my social duty to volunteer, fire it up"

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still in monsterfucker mode 

really this extends to a willingless for some level of vaguelly erotic self-sacrifice for the sake of hot fuckable monsters

vampire needs blood? well I've got more than I need

snake needs warm? I'm warm

spider monster needs a warm fleshy victim to envenom and bind as she lays her eggs, well,

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still in monsterfucker mode 

O.Butler: What if there was fucked up space aliens that planted their eggs in people botfly style and had to cut them out or at birth else the grubs would eat the host human in a gruesome and painful fashion

Me: Hold me down by my weak bee wings, we must repopulate the hive

Hi my name is Hearth and I'm a trans woman in Florida.

My lease is up at the end of the month and I'm trying desperately to find work and somewhere to live. If you know of someone or somewhere with space, so I don't end up with family. If you have anything, please let me know!

If anyone knows somewhere that might be hiring, preferably remote, I have a ton of experience in tech and will gladly apply.

Additionally I have a few donation vectors if you're willing to offer any support, it is *greatly* appreciated.

Venmo: @GayDragonGirl

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