Trans girls who don't wear chokers are still valid.

Trans girls who don't wear thigh highs are still valid.

Trans girls who don't know how to code are still valid.

Stereotypical in-jokes about the community might seem harmless, but it makes others feel left out.

well, this took off

here's my ko-fi if you want to support a trans girl making queer short stories:

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@floofcat TOTALLY VALID!

I tried to wear thigh highs but they are not designed for me at all. I am too thicc and short for them, so they either hurt to put on or they are all shriveled because they are more than half my height.

As someone who feels kind of guilty about disliking programming, thank you

@floofcat So you mean my mohawk, my DIY vest, my combat gloves/boots and my fash-punching manners are valid?!

@floofcat i'm none of these and i voiced decades before these tropes even existed (tho i rocked chokers back in 2000)

i'm grateful to see this cos more folks ought to hear how whatever way they are and whatever they do is valid


You have no idea how much shit I've gotten for saying this 😅 glad to see I'm not the only one who gets it

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