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At long last, here it is- the Raina Lilith queer short story megathread.

Let's kick things off with the first Wolf Rock, featuring @ReadingRidley trying to convince my sona to do crimes.

Cop fursuiters are real cops going undercover stay woke

Did you know that I was in a sky news interview during the UK Trump protest last year? Don't read the comments

"transgender leftist furry" isn't where i thought i would be at age 22 but im so happy it's where i am now

first day of being publicly out guys!'
- looks like a model
*cries in ugly*

first day of being publicly out guys!'
- looks like a model
*cries in ugly*

ultimate validation: typing your name into urban dictionary

saw a girl with dyed blue and pink hair on the bus, thought she was trans and felt bad about myself b/c of how she looked so I tried twice as hard to put on a girl voice thanking the driver, smashed my head on the doorframe and swore in my guy voice. i don't like going outside

when u or ur lucario are done hanging out, gently press them up against the wall. That chest spike will stick into the wall where the lucario will be safely stored until the next hangout sesh


I somehow managed to not get upset about things until this morning when my mother texted me saying I should have 'come home' and I saw a viral Twitter thread about a huge family playing christmas games together

Here's a short demon story. Registration Office. It takes place inbetween Wanderer's Clause and Peridexion.

midnight, christmas eve, Brentwood

raina is staring at the ceiling
aera is playing river on the piano
amber is curled up on top of the piano
cherry is watching a wuxia film
mace is sneaking snacks
the waitress and her kind are laughing down below

rhey are not alone

my next story is almost done and will likely be finished by tomorrow. kind of funny how the story that was supposed to follow Peridexion keeps getting pushed back because i love Amber too much to focus a story on anyone else at the moment

im in writing overdrive mode to try and make up for not being able to write when i was ill. last month i wrote six stories, and i want to have written at least four this month by the end of the year (the story i'm writing rn being number three).

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