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At long last, here it is- the Raina Lilith queer short story megathread.

Let's kick things off with the first Wolf Rock, featuring @ReadingRidley trying to convince my sona to do crimes.

Nothing stings more than to see some of the most manipulative, abusive and horrible transwomen I have met in my life grow up to pass perfectly. Why do shit people end up lucking out with looks so often. Fuck this world.

oh yeah here's the (extremely good and smug) maple chibi from the yiff life about page

New high score! two hertz off of female range. :transdab:

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okay @brushy and i need your help. does anyone remember the vine where a dude in a fursuit gets hit by a bunch of falling pineapples while the pina colada song plays

we've been trying to locate this since vine died and it needs to be shared

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what really sucks is the closest thing I will do to celebrating it is seeing blood relatives tomorrow. which is like the worst possible way to spend my HRTversary, with people who don't give a shit about my transition

It's my one year hormone anniversary today but I can't really do anything to celebrate because 1) still dizzy 2) it's raining and 3) my friends cancelled their plans because they have to see family today

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Furries are great because it means I get to experiment with the idea of my own sexual identity through characters on the internet.

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