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Heeey!!! Bit of self PROMOtion!

🌼Celebrating With Satan🌼 and
🐊Crocodile🐊 by yourself truly just went live on Spotify!

Please to be reboosting this devilish combo of classic EBM jamz add them to your library, listen to them if you want, do the thing! I did! yay!

finding out churches keep opening during the lockdowns is threatening to turn me into a one person norwegian death metal band

Imagine a music scene where the artists share the file containing all the sequences and samples and you could back engineer it to find everything they did, for free.

This is all why there's no music "communities" now. There was then. Community isn't built by people trying to make cash on a side hustle. If everything is a marketplace then everyone is competing for customers. That means nobody is actually on each other's side.

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I miss pre-capitalism internet and by that I mean before everyone monetized every little thing they did

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the music arm of the demoscene in the olden days was very good and excellent

you showed up, you uploaded an .s3m file, you're part of the gang! everyone involved actually liked listening to music. there was no money in it for anyone, nobody was trying to sell you fuck all, everyone was just sharing tunes and chillin

Pizza food mention and image of dancing pizza and pineapple 

I'm now the entirety of the local timeline and with that achievement I'm going back to bed!! goodnight~

Pizza food mention and image of dancing pizza and pineapple 

Spotify ruined my music library and I mean cuz I've been using it for over a year now I've not done a single bit of organizing my music downloads. I'm still doing the same hoarding of files thing because it's habit but I have a multi year download folder now that needs organizing and no time to even think about it

It's cool having 4 buns hopping around they're the best

I'm in Ontario and I signed up to get a vaccine but that means I may get a call from someone in a few weeks then after that four more months for shot #2

What I'm saying is this fucking sucks folks

πŸ€” In a world where 'normal' means being complacently complicit in a system that is built on the suffering of others, it is a radical act to be seen as weird, strange, broken, and resisting the norm. ✊

Spotify's PlayStation integration is exceptional and that entire interface is spotify only and that fucking sucks ok

Apparently if I jam a USB device full of music into the ps5 that'll work but it's not anywhere near as good as what spotify does

That sucks a lot

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Got Tidal instead and did the Plex integration and it's gonna be hot it looks like. Not bad at all. The same price, good selection, and no rogans in sight.

I can't use spotify anymore

These ads for rogan make me fucking sick

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