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Heeey!!! Bit of self PROMOtion!

🌼Celebrating With Satan🌼 and
🐊Crocodile🐊 by yourself truly just went live on Spotify!

Please to be reboosting this devilish combo of classic EBM jamz add them to your library, listen to them if you want, do the thing! I did! yay!

i don't know what a supercookie is and if it's not delicious i don't want to!

Bunny photo EC 

Your daily reminder to never pay for mainstream media. Don't give the big guys a penny if you can avoid it! Piracy is easy and fun.

birdsite mention, bad ceo's mention, bad tv mention 

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birdsite mention, bad ceo's mention, bad tv mention 

Essay on mental illness and societies view of it. very long. a lot of triggering content ahead: abusive power structures, abusive parents, neglect, mental illness, suicide. beware. PART 1: intro 

Star Trek Lower Decks opting for the more Stephen Universe/Bright Coloured Animation For Kids look than the Family Guy/Everyone's Heads Are Lumpy Genitals look is one of its biggest strengths.

No matter what anyone tells you, the /real/ reason we can't have nice things is because of capitalism.

i loaded up buzz
looked at it
was like
how do i make music again

this smart bulb company was like 'free wifi smart plug! just send us an email! thanks for the email! we'll send you a pair of smart bulbs free! thanks for your address, your smart rgb light strip is in the mail!'

Also, the MCU may have issues but is overall Very Good. Just treat it like a TV series where every episode is like 2-3 hours long.

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