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Heeey!!! Bit of self PROMOtion!

🌼Celebrating With Satan🌼 and
🐊Crocodile🐊 by yourself truly just went live on Spotify!

Please to be reboosting this devilish combo of classic EBM jamz add them to your library, listen to them if you want, do the thing! I did! yay!

I plugged my UPS USB cable into my PC and now Windows 10 thinks I'm a laptop

I'm so old I remember when "woke" was called "political correctness" the only difference is that, now, complaining about it has anti-blackness built right the fuck in.

Music hot take, for fun! 

doctor who fanfic!!!! 

my monitor arm was like 'lol i can't hold this monitor up anymore' and dropped it on my desk

Philosophy is when a depressed french or german person makes a sweeping statement about things and the more depressed they are the more philosophical it is

Tidal has music videos. Lots and lots of them. Which is niche stuff sure and so does YouTube right? But the neatest thing about this is the video mixes. Like the Spotify dailies but... videos.

I wanna 3D print vinyl and then make my own rare disco records. Technology will get there and then it's all.. In your face discogs!

One nice thing about the fediverse is nobody is reposting those horrible videos where awful people throw food around

You know I don't mind if somebody's funny, but I no like the funny business.

finding out churches keep opening during the lockdowns is threatening to turn me into a one person norwegian death metal band

Imagine a music scene where the artists share the file containing all the sequences and samples and you could back engineer it to find everything they did, for free.

This is all why there's no music "communities" now. There was then. Community isn't built by people trying to make cash on a side hustle. If everything is a marketplace then everyone is competing for customers. That means nobody is actually on each other's side.

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I miss pre-capitalism internet and by that I mean before everyone monetized every little thing they did

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