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So after this week it has been a few days over a month in my new job. I got back to work at an office 2 years after working remotely from home.

It is... strange. 1h commute from home to work, and people there are big on open plan office design, which terrifies me. I actually made clear once or twice that if I were to work on the same room as 100-200 other people, I'd not have taken their offer.

NSFW furry art / Sexually explicit 

A bit of trivia: one thing I really liked while reading Dungeon Meshi (amazing manga btw) is that kobolds there are dog people

NSFW commission, big hairy dragon 

NSFW Furry art / Nudity / Tits, sheath, and balls 

Nintendo, why the heck does the Switch eShop has a limit for the Wishlist? It doesn't cost anything

Now I have to fucking manage how many games I want to purchase? FFS

nsfw talk 

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Have to say that I'm loving having an artist draw my vision for my fursona, because I can't draw for shit :/


Selling these custom "Fusona Token" Badges! Works for a badge, a telegram sticker, an icon, and I can even make a repeating pattern to use as a background!

Only 6$ USD!

Coming from BoTW, it's jarring how stiff the missions are in RDR2

open world? If I try to deviate from the mission's script just one millimiter, it's game over

I actually feel much more immersed walking around, bounty hunting and _actually_ hunting than following the scripted missions

such wasted potential :/ still an amazing game, tho

NSFW YCH, NSFW Image Description 

Left red dead redemption 2 installing / updating while I'm at work

This Friday night I'll do nothing else but dive head on into the game's world

Send help

wow, this is a new one

if you need my “personal data” to pay your staff then you need to find a more ethical fucking business model

NSFW, Furry Art 

NSFW furry art: boy dick, girl dick 

explicit, porn, dildo insertion, knotting, trans masc 

My physical copy of Red Dead Redemption 2 arrived today

and I have shit to do

why do I do that to myself

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