nudes, selfie (boost ok) 

furry art, nsfw, lewd but also precious u know 

Nsfw (but pretty tasteful really?) furry art; bondage 

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Lewd kisekae art; nudity; sex toys; furry 

NSFW, selfie fursona, shibari 

NSFW, selfie fursona, shibari 

nudes, selfie, boost ok 

Sooo I randomly decided to read the Konosuba light novel because I simply cannot wait for another season to be released. Does anyone recommend another good light novel (no matter the genre) for me?

So sad that Log Horizon isn't available as digital, though :/

@PurrPurin mind if I ask where is it? The writings make me hope it's somewhere in Japan. It doesn't look too "tourist-y", but perhaps is a good place for spending a few months laying low and recharging batteries?

picture, self-portrait, partial fursuit, rubber clothes, sfw 

@PurrPurin what a lovely picture *-* The place looks so peaceful too

Does anyone know a good publisher or a place to find furry books? Erotic or not, though I'm not shy to reading some adult stuff

nsfw, furry art, trans woman 

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