So after this week it has been a few days over a month in my new job. I got back to work at an office 2 years after working remotely from home.

It is... strange. 1h commute from home to work, and people there are big on open plan office design, which terrifies me. I actually made clear once or twice that if I were to work on the same room as 100-200 other people, I'd not have taken their offer.


I was quite uncomfortable the first two weeks, also because it's the first big company I work at, and things work so differently compared to the startup pacing and vibe... but it's just something to get used to.

Funnily enough, I only felt comfortable when I found some people who like games and boardgames. Most people are outgoing and etc., and my introversion might play into my professional evaluation, but we'll see.

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