Youtube suggested me a video on Google's Fuchsia OS, and as I started hearing it, the person's rationale was 100% bogus

Because an OS runs anywhere means completely seamless integration? Music switching from phone speaker to home speaking, the moment you enter the room.

Their words, not mine.

What does that have to do with the OS, and why does it have to be solved there? 🤔 Can't we do that already with Linux and other stuff?


As a plus, the author Ryōko Kui is a woman and she doesn't write their characters in any sexualized way.

Up until now there were no characters tripping and exposing their panties or falling into someone's arms with their boobs on the savior's face. To give a few examples.

Elves, which are often depicted in a highly sexualized way, here are educated, poised and regal. Amazing.

It's been a while since I read a manga so good and funny as Dungeon Meshi. It genuinely makes me long for the next chapter.

It's a comedy fantasy manga centered around delving into a dungeon with no supplies and living off the creatures they find and slay. Sometimes the ideas the author put in are completely bonkers, and I laugh hard many times.

It also knows when it needs to get serious, and there is an over-arching plot along with the whole comedy

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Anex (one of our patrons) requested some poor soul trapped in a crystal butt plug. ...If 'poor soul' is the correct term. We're not sure.

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damn this year's Youtube Rewind is bad 🤢

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Why do remastered games have to be so expensive?

$40 for Katamari Damacy
$50 for each Atelier Arland each, or ~110 for all three

god fucking damn it

actually, why does any game has to be so expensive on the switch? I still haven't played BotW :/

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Oh boy, Capcom announced the new MH:W expansion, Iceborne, and they're bringing back NARGACUGA

Time to dust off my gear and prepare to be angry at this lovely monster

Here I am, installing Stardew Valley for the umpteenth time :|

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