I was quite uncomfortable the first two weeks, also because it's the first big company I work at, and things work so differently compared to the startup pacing and vibe... but it's just something to get used to.

Funnily enough, I only felt comfortable when I found some people who like games and boardgames. Most people are outgoing and etc., and my introversion might play into my professional evaluation, but we'll see.

So after this week it has been a few days over a month in my new job. I got back to work at an office 2 years after working remotely from home.

It is... strange. 1h commute from home to work, and people there are big on open plan office design, which terrifies me. I actually made clear once or twice that if I were to work on the same room as 100-200 other people, I'd not have taken their offer.

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A bit of trivia: one thing I really liked while reading Dungeon Meshi (amazing manga btw) is that kobolds there are dog people

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Nintendo, why the heck does the Switch eShop has a limit for the Wishlist? It doesn't cost anything

Now I have to fucking manage how many games I want to purchase? FFS

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Have to say that I'm loving having an artist draw my vision for my fursona, because I can't draw for shit :/

artist: deviantart.com/hereismochii

Selling these custom "Fusona Token" Badges! Works for a badge, a telegram sticker, an icon, and I can even make a repeating pattern to use as a background!

Only 6$ USD!

Coming from BoTW, it's jarring how stiff the missions are in RDR2

open world? If I try to deviate from the mission's script just one millimiter, it's game over

I actually feel much more immersed walking around, bounty hunting and _actually_ hunting than following the scripted missions

such wasted potential :/ still an amazing game, tho

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Left red dead redemption 2 installing / updating while I'm at work

This Friday night I'll do nothing else but dive head on into the game's world

Send help

wow, this is a new one

if you need my “personal data” to pay your staff then you need to find a more ethical fucking business model

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