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nsfw for boobs touching, clothed, suggestive, big boobie cats 

extremedash left and teranen right

trickster faerie (xe/xer): hello, may I have your pronouns?

me (they/them): sure! they/them.

faerie (xe/xer/they/them): thanks, foolish human c:

me ( / ): wait what

vrchat selfies (I got a kinect!) 

soo I got a kinect from a pawn shop this evening to try playing around in vrchat with!

it's a bit janky and I feel like itll improve some as I figure out how to calibrate it better, but look! I can sit and wiggle me hips!

Here we go!! I wanted to do a halloween themed pic of my fursona so here she is hehe hope you like it!!

just watched a soldier fall over and drown in a few inches of water in Carrion

they're not sending their best

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