@emi farî is ok at it, can do v2/v3 right off the bat because he's already in shape, but only did it because emille dragged him there so he doesn't go back

james drew Emille!!
🎨 jmfenner91 @ twit / jmfenner @ instagram

@Roxy I laughed when I saw server discovery required you to have 1k members

Why do you even need to be discovered at that point? You've obviously already got a major internet presence

@SkylarDragon ah, well, there's nothing wrong with it but you can interact with any account on any instance from any other instance so you can just follow all the same accounts on each account so your TL is the same. mastodon even lets you export and import who you follow iirc

@SkylarDragon no I mean why have multiple accounts? I don't think it's "against the purpose of mastodon" I just genuinely don't see what you'd need them for

@SkylarDragon there's probably an app for it, but you can follow people from different instances, so why have multiple timelines?

@Roxy it's mainly just that there isn't a whole lot of content that isn't bot-generated

still holding a grudge against tumblr for banning porn

@IsabelleHellraiser not just hostile architecture but threatening architecture

OC thirst 

@Naux I need to keep up to date on my Ria posting

firefox being buggy can't stop me from posting my newest dumb OC meme

lol finally landed in twitter jail for the first time ever b/c I replied "let them die" to a Teen Vogue article about pig chuds killing themselves with COVID while fighting a vaccine mandate

@emi this might have something to do with us playing near the bottom of the tier list but as long as we're having fun there's absolutely nothing wrong with that

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