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me deciding who to follow:
✔️ do they have a cute OC
✔️ do they post about them a lot

women who voice chat in online games are braver than the US Marines

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i'm much more sympathetic to polytheistic religions because when i look at the human being, and, indeed, all mammalian life, i see a creature designed by committee

Power to you. Stripes of Pride updated with bi and aro versions, and a new pan version!


:heart_trans: :heart_bi: :heart_nb: :heart_pan: :heart_aro: :heart_ace:

im considering setting up a patreon/ko-fi alternative that automatically purchases and sells bitcoin to let people financially support adult content creators without paypal/stripe's fucking horseshit

got up, ate breakfast, took a shower & am ready to go back to sleep

work in progress art thingy that discusses e.g. suicide and depression Show more

so Love Death and Robots is just a more whimsical animated Black Mirror? thats cool I guess

meat sack, cease your control interface malfunctions at once

"if love is so good, why isn't there a love 2?"

there is, actually. I pitched it and was the screenwriter and director for the sequel. basically ran the whole show, it wouldn't have happened without me.

that's right. I made Love 2: Your Mom.

my fursona's big gay ass, my art Show more

c'mon play SWAT 4 with me i'll give you the game for free

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