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me deciding who to follow:
✔️ do they have a cute OC
✔️ do they post about them a lot

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-- *they've been washed*
4. FUCK YEAH, RECYCLING. i bet y'all are the same kinds of people who wouldn't drink recycled water no matter how tested and pure it is because eww, it came from toilets. pathetic. you disgust me. 'i won't touch a leather bag unless a cow died for it.'

childish mfs. the future is reduce, reuse, recycle. you wanna keep having kids and living on this planet? start romanticizing the places your resources have been instead of scorning them.

smdh at y'all making fun of those bags made out of subway seats. sure, they're not what you'd traditionally think of as "luxury," but:
1. wealth at a certain point becomes meaningless and things become valued by their rarity and novelty.
2. i'd much rather see rich people buy shit like this than stuff that kills people to make (diamonds, cocaine, sweatshop products)
3. they haven't been through anything worse than your pants, by definition, which you're still willing to touch because -- get this

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If you utter.a word about Khashoggi but have nothing to say about the 5 journalists murdered in the US by Viet Tan, then you are not to be taken seriously.

remember these awful screenshots from just FIVE DAYS ago?

to give you an idea of the blistering pace with which Linux gaming is progressing, with the latest Proton and dev build of Mesa, my integrated graphics can now show MHW perfectly

Like yeah it's unplayably slow as you'd expect, but this is translating all the effects of a modern DX11 gpu. that's so wild.

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why are they called gamers and not


This. This wonderful lioness picture. I don't even wish I could draw this well; I just hope that my writing could have even half the warm, gorgeous feeling for Raziya that this picture gives off. *_*


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man whose OCs are being boosted: i am growing stronger

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