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me deciding who to follow:
✔️ do they have a cute OC
✔️ do they post about them a lot

drawn eye contact 

GM: tries to add a puzzle to the dungeon
Me, an antipaladin with Smite Nature:

Here's a lil photo of the freshly cleaned Super Nintendo! I really appreciate the company I got in my stream, yall are lovely 💖

watching FLO crash and burn from a distance due to terminal lib brain is pretty entertaining, ngl

folks... moderation is pretty simple. if someone acts shockingly racist, you ban them. it's that easy

Oh you're a furry? Name three popular community figureheads who are immensely problematic but the community refuses to deplatform.

I saw a rainbow flag on a pursuing ship in Sea of Thieves. In desperation, I yelled through the speaking horn: 'You're gay! We're gay! Please don't fight us!'

And then they didn't.

Queer pirate solidarity I guess!

(nsfw furry art) this morning’s warmup is a continuation on a theme because synthi and korki are really cute together ;0;

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nsfw, nudity 

volunteering for alex morse out of equal parts support for the candidate and red-hot spite for his homophobic ladder-climbing college dem detractors

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