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me deciding who to follow:
✔️ do they have a cute OC
✔️ do they post about them a lot

Have you seen my fursona Roxy? This is a picture of her that I drew of her. She is a fox rabbit but this is her in her fox form

nsfw(ish), cheesecake, eye strain(maybe) 

Ref sheet with a nude character, genitals 

Nsfw, furry, uspol 

Tabby cats are so hard to paint I can't move anymore

idk if I posted this on yl but here
(cw nude furry)

NSFW Patreon stuff I haven't posted until now! It's @korki! And he's sitting on a cliff! And he's mostly nude! And..........quite happy to see you :eyes_fast: 💦

A couple more very NSFW Patreon pieces! Reciprocation -> aftermath. 👀 :eyes_fast:

NSFW🔞 OC art, furry, female nudity 

Just wanted to share this birthday present for my bro, and the accompanying card.

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