People in or from poor countries: “For better or for worse, Facebook has maneuvered itself and WhatsApp into being the only affordable international means of communication for us—so when FB went down, even just for a few hours, it had the potential to become a major problem for our communities.”

Joe American, Techville, USA: “Why didn’t you just use another free app, roflmao, kek, lol”


FYI, I just checked. If you live here in Madagascar, use internet on your phone, and are with Telma (the largest phone/internet provider), then buying 1 gigabyte of Facebook/WhatsApp/Instagram access costs only *half* the price of buying 100 megabytes of general internet access.

@erkhyan you pay different fee to access Facebook and WhatsApp or to access the general internet? And Facebook / WhatsApp is cheapier? 😱😟😡

@botaflo On mobile internet, yes. You can either pay a lot to access the entire internet, or pay 20 times less to access only the FB-owned apps.

@erkhyan that's horrible ! It's so unfair ! I was totally unaware about such pricing policy. I'm really sorry for you. 😥

@erkhyan and here i thought that was general knowledge.

techies in the west think that tech giants have them in a vice grip.. they know nothing.

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