Was anyone going to remind me that, at my hometown’s altitude, water doesn’t boil at 100°C/212°F, but closer to 95.5°C/204°F?

I’ve made the mistake of replying to a couple of comments on a Facebook page and now my notifications are full of angry Star Wars fans because the “Mute notifications from this post” option *does not work*.

Some music streaming sites go “these two entirely different singers from entirely different countries are singing in entirely different styles and entirely languages, but they share the same stage name… so obviously they’re actually the same person.”

My mother, seeing my bafflement at seeing a circumcision water-gathering party in our street at 8pm:

“This is actually the more traditional way to do it. They used to be at night and mostly men, until widespread insecurity caused people to favor larger daylight crowds.”

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It was always a whispered question:
"Do you remember who made you?"
Most gods would say "What? I am Eternal!" or repeat the story humans told of their origins.
But some would smile wistfully.
"I do. The first human who believed in me was..."
Those stories broke and mended hearts.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

My cousin who had never left Madagascar before and cannot sleep unless it’s fully dark, has just moved to Germany and is discovering a *tiny* issue with temperate summers.

The only way I can make this worse is by pointing out that none of these layers are named.

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“Why does your art computer need so much RAM?”

… because I’m a sadist.

(Blessed month)

The name used to refer to the first month of the traditional year, but nowadays it refers to any major national celebration—especially Independence Eve (June 25) and Independence Day (June 26), which are usually celebrated with paper lantern processions in the evening.

(… not my best work, but that’s what happens when I rush a drawing in one week while working on *another* drawing.)

Also, way to proofread AFTER posting, me!

It’s actually “Don’t be ASHAMED”.

Oh, the sheer irony.

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Furry art, gay, slightly suggestive, Pride theme 

“Aza Menatra”
(Don’t be afraid)

I’ve had the idea for this scene for a while. Anti-littering graffiti are common in Madagascar’s urban areas. This one reads “It is forbidden to make filth here”.

So for , here’s Onja and Mijoro not feeling too obedient.

I’ll never understand “we are a nation of laws” as a retort.

Oh, yours is a nation of laws? So is North Korea, Bob-Chad.

Oh, haha. Joy. It sounds increasingly like my graphics card (a model from 2017) will never be supported by Blender’s Cycles X. Oh well. Thanks, AMD.

TIL that “Mississippi Delta” and “Mississippi River Delta” refer to two completely different locations.

Come on, y’all.

Bwahaha. Google Photos just told me to look at “fond memories” from eight years ago.

The pictures: veeeeery barely censored screenshots of Khajiits skinny-dipping in Skyrim.

Fond memories.

*Someone* just made a mistake while running a command in the Windows command prompt and accidentally launched 30+ high-priority processes simultaneously rather than one after the other.

Today I learned that you can change the size of Firefox’s desktop UI by changing the layout.css.devPixelsPerPx setting in about:config

Y’all, I did something incredible yesterday: I came up with a perfectly serviceable French pun, while asleep.

I dreamed that I was trying to create a cartoon about teenage spies, and the spy org’s heads were two old men who constantly bicker yet always appear together. Their names were Q and Schmidt.

Even in the dream, I was cackling over doing so just so I could say “comme Q et Schmidt”.


Meh. Someone tried to organize the tamest of tame LGBTQ-themed weekends in Toliara (southern Madagascar), but it was shut down because the Chief of Police deemed it “contrary to the principles of Tradition and Christianity”.

That moment when you liked a FOSS offline ambient audio app, and the newly released version is now a freemium streaming app… >.<

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