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"Axe or sword?" the quartermaster asked.
"Why is it an 'or'?" said the warrior.
"Stands to reason, you handle them differently, they feel different, do different things."
"Yeah, but no. It's not about the kind of weapon, it's about the specific weapon."
"Let me try both."
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Pet peeve trope in SF/F:

The civilization and/or organization that has been around and mostly unchanged for much longer in that setting than the entirety of recorded human history has been IRL.

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They laughed when she came to the falconry trials, a pig sitting proudly on her arm.
"Is that today, when pigs fly?"
"If it isn't," she said with a smile, "think how strong I must be to carry a half-ton hog."
She won, right there.
The truffles and the prize they won were a bonus.
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"If I understand correctly, professor, it is not only theoretically but also practically possible to travel to change the past?"
"Have you tried it?"
"Yes, that's what motivated my research."
"Will you tell us what you changed?"
"A 'no' is sacrosanct."
"Yes, it is."
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Minor pet peeve is when people use a word from a language that has no plurals, but invent a plural form “because this is how MY language works”.


How much does a rainbow weigh?

 — Not much. It’s pretty light.

I keep thinking I need to get my national ID card redone, because my current one was done a few days before I turned 18, and it’s safe to say some of the info on it might be a BIT outdated.

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"So, the End of the World."
"Yup. Again."
"And only we can stop it."
"Are we sure, though?"
"About which?"
"Both. Either."
"It might not be the End of the World."
"And someone else might be able to stop it."
*sigh* "Right."
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I admit I have a visceral reaction to the argument that it is the writer’s duty to leave as much to the viewer’s imagination as possible.

At which point does a storyteller get accused of telling too much story, when they themselves think they’re not done telling the story they wanted to tell?

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"It is time for you to start thinking about marriage," said the king.
"If I'm to marry, I demand the option of marrying one of each," said the princess.
"OK. We live in a modern world."
After the third wedding, he took her aside.
"I assumed you meant one of each gender?"
"I did!"

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Malagasy proverb:

“Raha mpanan-karena tsy mihinana: tsy tompony fa mpiandry entana.”

(“A rich person who does not eat: not the owner, but a guardian of wares.”)

i.e. not using your wealth is just the same as not actually owning it.

A book blurb for the Iliad:

“If you think inviting Eris to your party is too much trouble, here’s an account of what happens when you DON’T.”

Thankfully one I’ve never experienced, but one form of hell must be “I’m a CG artist and I created a piece of CG landscape/spacescape art, and now it gets reposted without credit on social media bot accounts that all claim it’s an actual photo”.

A Malagasy idiom I heard last night:

“hena eny an-tanan’ny saka”
(meat in the cat’s hands)

i.e. something that cannot be taken back, an action that cannot be reversed.

Someone asked why people always remember Dante’s Inferno but not the other two books in the trilogy,

so I, an incurable volcano nerd, replied that people probably remember only Inferno because it’s considered Dante’s peak.

Just amusing myself with the fact that four different languages have been used in this house earlier.

(My brother, sister-in-law, and cousin using some Malagasy while studying German with their teacher; my mother and I speaking French while I’m reading an English-language novel.)

Me, opening the Wikipedia page for the city of Weed, California: “Ha ha, funny town name.”

Me, having read the Wikipedia page for the city of Weed, California: “Man, screw cartoonishly evil billionaires and the cartoonishly evil corporations they own.”

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