Currently relevant vocabulary:


The act of serving rice directly inside the pot in which the side dish was cooked, not just to avoid using up a dinner plate, but also because eating rice directly in the pot will help clean up any chunk food that stuck to it.


Akoho (pronounced “ah-KOO”)

i.e. chicken.

… I’m only mentioning this because, today, I witnessed a chicken restaurant named “Akoho-na Matata”…


The population of Australia was larger than the population of Madagascar between the late 1880s and the mid-2010s.


Happy fourth anniversary to the day I found this thing in a local store.

I rarely do warm-up sketches, but when I do…

Tibetan Fox Tommy Lee Jones.


(“beautiful fire”)
= fireworks

(“big fire”)
= hell

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Random vocabulary:


i.e. a matchstick

Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.

When I bought my drawing tablet in August 2020, I got into a heated argument with the store because the tablet they sold me did not support the stylus tilt function, which was the very reason why I chose that model.

And you’re telling me it’s all because the firmware that would enable stylus tilt on my tablet wouldn’t be released by the manufacturer until freaking LATE DECEMBER 2021, and installed on my system only a few minutes ago?

NSFW Furry Art, M/M 

“Fa raha izaho kosa, dia satriko ny haneho ny faniriako anao”
(“But as for me, I would rather express my desire for you”)

This was supposed to be my last art of 2021. It’ll be my first art of 2022 instead. Oh well!

The landscape is based on the ponds near the cave of Anjohibe, near Mahajanga in northwestern Madagascar.

Also, yes, I’m unbelievably PROUD of how I drew that background in only two days.

I’ve just had a frustrating 30 minutes during which I didn’t have access to my phone or computer, and completely forgot the English verb “to show off (something)”. Could only remember the equivalent French and Malagasy verbs.

“Eny Ankadiefajoro”

Onja and Mijoro share an affectionate moment near their new home in Ankadiefajoro, in the southern suburbs of Antananarivo.

See the full-res version here:

NSFW furry art, M/M, Anubis × Wepwawet 

“Divine Urges”

Well, it’s Wepwawet’s turn to handle Anubis’s staff. *Both* staves!

See the full-res version here:

NSFW Furry Art, M/M 

“Tsara rano nandroana”
(“[someone] who bathed in good water”, meaning “lucky”)

… at this point, Tsimilefy and Fehizoro have probably devised a thousand different ways to quickly get out of their clothing.

Furry art, male character wearing only boxers 

As someone else said, I am not immune to blatant furry bait.

Why is it called
 “Catholic Catechism” 
and not
 “Pope Culture”

A reminder:

Anyone who claims media doesn’t have a responsibility to educate its consumers, is always just one conversation away from revealing exactly how much of their knowledge of the world came from media.

Huh. A brand new fumarole apparently opened up 90km/56mi southwest of here, and the people living near it are understandably a bit nervous about that.

The Malagasy word for a single buttock is “ravimbody” (leaf-of-butt) and I’m tempted to work that into one of my drawings *somehow*.

 “Unedited foot fetish video”

 “Raw footage”

Chosen Ones were not rare, that much was known. Unfortunately, that knowledge led many of them to feel comfortable leaving the task to the next one. It was a nasty surprise to all when, one day, there turned out not to be any “next one”.

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