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hello! I'm often a shark online. bilingual spanish/english. often political, even if I haven't worked out the details of my vague leftist ideals.
posts about: furry, old tech, new tech, videogames in quick bursts during binges, teaching in the 21st century with 20th century infrastructure

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presenting, the cutest couple on this dang federated social network, if not anywhere, me and @fariparedes

🎨 kippy / twistedteeth / cosmicminerals / fluxom

I have fangs fucking 15 inches long
And the sanguinary sweetness of stealing someone's blood

getting a big cat bf is simple, just get online and pspspspsps

Why Do Resistors Have a Color Code?

One of the first things you learn in electronics is how to identify a resistor’s value. Through-hole resistors have color codes, and that’s generally where beginners begin. But why are they marked like this? Like red …

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At no point in the process of making this did I think "maybe this is a waste of time" and that's probably a sign I should log off lmao

Rebuilt my wiki in C99, simplified a bunch of things, started implementing some of the modules. Still lots and lots of work to do still..


your reminder that Farî is canonically not very bright

🎨 glacierclear

No time like the present to go through the AGDQ2020 schedule and see what runs I'm interested in this year!!

And the cannibals all sang

NSFW🔞 OC art, furry, sex 

NSFW🔞 OC art, furry, male nudity 

NSFW🔞 OC art, monstergirl, female nudity 

NSFW🔞 OC art, furry, sex 

Fascist group patriot front has been ramping up a guerrilla marketing campaign but they post photos of their posting to "patriotfront10" on birdsite.

Me and my husband took some local stickers down, worth checking recent posts for anything local to you and help take them down, just be safe. Work in groups, during daytime, keeping an eye out.

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