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hello! I'm often a shark online. bilingual spanish/english. often political, even if I haven't worked out the details of my vague leftist ideals.
posts about: furry, old tech, new tech, videogames in quick bursts during binges, teaching in the 21st century with 20th century infrastructure

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presenting, the cutest couple on this dang federated social network, if not anywhere, me and @fariparedes

🎨 kippy / twistedteeth / cosmicminerals / fluxom

the thought of "how do creationists reconcile with oil existing" came to mind and now I'm having a nice chuckle

@emi farî is ok at it, can do v2/v3 right off the bat because he's already in shape, but only did it because emille dragged him there so he doesn't go back

thinking abt which of my funny animals would look the best in an mcr outfit (revenge era)

im thinking about indoor climbing as it relates to my characters because I have climbing brain now

pardalis buys flashy top-shelf gear, can't crack v3, only climbs when women might be watching

sakiko brings a trad rack and harness (which she does use outdoors), can campus and climb roofs, frequently gets called out for topping-out or using nonstandard features

emille gets a day pass and rentals Once, fails miserably because half her body weight is a shark tail she can't use to climb

Hammock never had a "canon" per se, but I did decide fairly early on that he's a waiter at an upscale restaurant. [2015]

james drew Emille!!
🎨 jmfenner91 @ twit / jmfenner @ instagram

top level domains are self-selecting. you could improve the internet easily by getting rid of *.gg

look at this fuckin g cat
🎨 jmfenner91 @ twit / jmfenner @ instagram

gun owners just shouldn't have access to 3d printing. their sense of humor is atrocious

go learn machining, ugly.

Chitter is 5 years old today! Happy 5th anniversary, raccoons! :chitter: 🎉

Over the course of 5 years we have welcomed 658 accounts that have booped 799k times. Let's hit that 800k milestone!

I'm four seasons in and my fave tng eps currently are: the Q ones, the Data ones, The Hunted, Remember Me, and Night Terrors. the worst are mostly the holodeck-centric ones

any virtual avatar more complex than a pngtuber is ugly as sin im sorry

if I wanted to see a 3d furry standing around doing nothing I could log on vrchat. if I wanted that in 2d I'd download a terrible gacha game

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