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hello! I'm often a shark online. bilingual spanish/english. often political, even if I haven't worked out the details of my vague leftist ideals.
posts about: furry, old tech, new tech, videogames in quick bursts during binges, teaching in the 21st century with 20th century infrastructure

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presenting, the cutest couple on this dang federated social network, if not anywhere, me and @fariparedes

🎨 kippy / twistedteeth / cosmicminerals / fluxom

#Farwoods #GameDev Monday's task: Not quite as much today. I implemented a first pass on the character info tab, and added some GUI improvements to the HUD. Your name is no longer displayed over your character now; instead, it's displayed next to the character info button.

Most of the work that went into this (adding the stats being the primary new functionality) was on the backend, refactoring the netcode and setting up the database. Makes me want to get started on the character creator.

still periodically think about Sony clip “one-station radios” from the late 1980s, where you had one earphone/battery unit and tuned to different stations by *swapping physical cards* with art representing each station, and naturally the art is sick as hell

Subwoofer Gets Arduino Brain Transplant

The Samsung PS-WTX500 subwoofer is designed to be used as part of a 5.1 channel home theater system, but not just any system. It contains the amplifiers for all the channels, but they’ll only function when the sub…

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#Farwoods #GameDev Sunday's task: Lots of things! Line of sight, eating, drinking, sleeping, grouping together items, managing your needs... see for yourself!

Technically, at this point, this qualifies as a "game" now. You have an objective and a means to fulfill it: survive, by scrounging food and drinking water from the pools. It's not very fun or interesting yet, but it's "playable"! Now to work on the REAL gameplay...

#Farwoods #GameDev Saturday's task: Again, mostly behind-the-scenes stuff to resolve the lag when transitioning zones. Hours spent poring over that code! But I added the HUD and the netcode for adjusting it! Today's video shows it off.

Note that the rate of hunger and thirst is obviously greatly increased for this demo. When you run out of food or water, you'll take damage. If you're out of both, you'll take twice the damage!

#Farwoods #GameDev Friday's task: Mostly behind-the-scenes stuff, so I don't have much to show off today. :( But the engine is finally back where it needs to be for me to move on to more gameplay. And I added smooth movement when you hold down the movement keys!

There's loading between rooms now as I have switched from native GMS2 rooms to imported Tiled maps. Not sure how I can cut down on this. I definitely want to optimize it if it's taking this long on a fairly beefy processor.

#Farwoods #GameDev Wednesday's task: The inventory system! Phew, this was a big one. Picking up and dropping items may not seem like a big deal, but they have to be tracked in a database on the server (to save them while people are offline), and I had to mock up a GUI for the inventory screen... it got complicated.

Still a lot of work to be done here. You gotta be able to scroll through your inventory in case it fills up. And I want to add a context menu rather than just clicking to get/drop.

my years-old panasonic ergofits breaking down is a sign

a sign I should fix them with a bluetooth cable....

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mike bloomberg getting his assets seized and reappropriated by the government to fund universal healthcare as punishment for wasting all our fucking time with his campaign

idk if I posted this on yl but here
(cw nude furry)

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