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hello! I'm often a shark online. bilingual spanish/english. often political, even if I haven't worked out the details of my vague leftist ideals.
posts about: furry, old tech, new tech, videogames in quick bursts during binges, teaching in the 21st century with 20th century infrastructure

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presenting, the cutest couple on this dang federated social network, if not anywhere, me and @fariparedes

🎨 kippy / twistedteeth / cosmicminerals / fluxom

made a terrible mistake adding Seven Samurai to my letterboxd and downloading the criterion version without realizing the movie is three and a half hours long

Patch, Or Your Solid State Drives Roll Over And Die

Expiration dates for computer drives? That’s what a line of HP solid-state drives are facing as the variable for their uptime counter is running out. When it does, the drive “expires” and, well, no mor…

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"How about a kiss, for luck?"
"You've GOT to be kidding!"

This is an early birthday present for @owashii because I can't WAIT to post this beautiful imagery 💚

NSFW furry art, older 

Creating Easy Glass Circuit Boards At Home

This tip for creating glass substrate circuit boards at home might hew a bit closer to arts and crafts than the traditional Hackaday post, but the final results of the method demonstrated by [Heliox] in her rec…

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Me and @fariparedes went to Six Flags after me not riding a rollercoaster for at least a decade, and my throat is still sore from all the yelling. And he won me a prize! (while... competing against me for it) ❤️

You’ve Got Mail?

Life is full of tough decisions, such as deciding whether you want to go to the end of the drive to check if the mail has arrived. These questions are made even more arduous in the winter months, but [Catpin] has a solution. The Mail Bo…

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Outer Worlds 

Gendr sends you hand-picked genders every month that our gender experts know you’ll love. Try them all out— don’t like one? Send it back at no charge.

Download Gendr today.

there is no reason for a game to go over 50gb and if it does, the publisher should be fined

get on it, ajit pai

Y'all remember when Kakashi taught Sasuke the chidori? That was honestly one of the best scenes in Naruto.

refusing to sub to bernie's twitch channel until they add a PresidentSleeper emote

I am going into battle, and I need your coldest brew

nsfw / lewd puppo art 

in my dreams, I see that feature

first-party mpv GUI

it's hard to find a cheap platform for an IOT thing when every mildly popular device has a dozen pins/connections I don't need

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