Creating Change, Trans Missia 

@awfulawfulthings It was one of my favorites. But apparently the space was worth more as offices and such, so a developer bought it out and its remaking it as a tech park.

Dead mall. One thing I loved about this place was its staircases in random places. Hogwarts IRL.


Dumb post abt yearning 

climate change tho 

Oh, I packed my infinity cube after all!

<Commences happy clacking.>

@stelepami I’ve daydreamed about buying a defunct mall and turning it into a commune.

@Naux back in the day, the notoriously trigger-happy local cops would probably have shot you for that

@Snorlaxation Yeah, I loathe retail, but it used to be one of the least objectionable ones when I was a kid. At least it’s outdoors and not boring.

The elevator I just rode in reeks of piss. Who pisses in an elevator?!?

it whinging 

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