Hotel WiFi is blocking my personal VPN (but not the work one), so I'm tethering to my phone. Why do hotels do this, it's so damn sketchy.

@drifa how else are they gonna let the bored teenager on the third floor mitm you

@nfd Nah, the sysadmins just want help finding the good porn. How are the hotel IT staff gonna get their wank on if they don’t have a DHS log full of smutty URLs?

@nfd Joke’s on them: I have vanishingly little interest in porn.

@drifa whats that mean? That theyre trying to force u to use their internet?

@Hi_cial When I connect to random hotel WiFi, I generally use a VPN so all they can see is my connection to my VPN, not who my email provider is, which web sites I visit, etc. Most of those connections are encrypted, so it'd be hard for them to see the actual content, but they can easily see the DNS requests and the TCP connections being made. And you sign in with your name and/or room number, so they know who owns the machine that made those requests.

@Hi_cial The only plausible non-nefarious reason I can think of blocking VPNs is accidental: they block anything unless it's on a white list as a way to block things like BitTorrent that can chew a lot of resources and just haven't whitelisted my VPN.

Nefarious reasons? Well, data about customers has value. Companies that collect it sell it.

@Hi_cial Even more nefarious reasons would include spying on guests for espionage or blackmail purposes. Guest hits or whatever, they log the access, and boom, instant blackmail material. Even if they can't forge a certificate and see precisely what pages a guest hit, just knowing that a guest hit certain websites could be blackmail material enough.

@drifa ohhhh okay

Se i think hotels & immediately my fear is "human trafficking" n i thought itd in some way enable that perhaps

@drifa I always assume bigger chain hotels are like datamining or like collecting info about who you are to target ads at you later or something...

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