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Ref sheet, nude but not explicit 

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If you're trans, remember: the point of changing your appearance and presentation is to feel better living in your own skin. Anyone who gives you grief for not meeting some arbitrary standard is welcome to go shag a cactus.

whinging about corporate software 

eat the rich 

eat the rich 

One of the most important things about queer folk aligning with villains is that we often never get the full story of the villain.

And often, when we do, we find them sympathetic, usually due to their story only being villainous if you are writing from a cultural majority perspective.

While a lot of these characters do end up doing some very heinous things, we empathise with them more due to understanding the pressures that were put on them. In a different world, they could have been an asset, but now they are antithetical to straight/cis culture. We were taught that to deviate was evil, but so many popular villains would probably be less evil if not forced into corners.

I wonder how Americans would react if all advertising vanished tomorrow. I suspect most of us would be unsettled: we’re so used to being wheedled and manipulated that the silence would be deafening.

Bring it on, says I.

My early morning walks often take me past a petrol station with those obnoxious tv screens built into the pumps. The experience of passing them as they exuberantly tout consumerism to an empty forecourt is one of capitalism’s eerier sights.

Note to self: the kettle boils faster when you switch it on.

Just got to the last episode of season 2. Of 8 episodes in the season, I’ve seen all 8.

I guess I’ve seen a *lot* of Columbo.

I picked a rain-free 5-minute interval to dash out to the postbox in. Woo!

medical billing, fiction 

We're under severe thunderstorm warning here. Just had a nearby lightning strike and it's pouring buckets. Gotta love Southern weather. :)

The sound of furry social media today is that of thousands of animals jostling to piss on the same grave. And given the shitbag in said grave, I'm quite happy about that.

Receptionist in my electrologist’s building wasn’t sure of my pronouns and defaulted to ‘they’. Hey, I’ll take it. :)

Electric face stabby within the hour. Cant wait for this to be over so I can shave; facial dysphoria sucks.

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USPOL, dead billionaire 

medical billing, fiction 

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