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If you're trans, remember: the point of changing your appearance and presentation is to feel better living in your own skin. Anyone who gives you grief for not meeting some arbitrary standard is welcome to go shag a cactus.

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Just had to explain to some colleagues why “proficient speaker” might be better language for the technical standard we are writing than “native speaker.”

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Update: I now have a board with everything recapped *except* C36. I'm amazed the damage from the leaking battery cleaned up as well as it did.

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This post brought to you by me not finding a parts diagram before I bought parts and not realizing that there is that one 1uF cap just chucked into the mix to piss me off. (It was turned in such a way that I couldn't read it in situ.)

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Random tech fact: a Mac SE 2FD logic board has 11 electrolytic caps: C4,11,13,16,26,23,26,34,37,38,62 are all 33uF axials, and C36 is a 1uF axial. (All 10v or 16v, 85C.)

First attempt at recapping a Mac 512K analog board has resulted in: a fully functional analog board. I am slightly surprised and very delighted.

The context: this was about drinks made with frozen hollow ice balls.

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I'm listening to what I could best describe as a combination self-help seminar and training to use nonsense polling to manufacture consent.

Anyway, one of the example polls was an open-ended prompt, "How can true connections be fostered as part of your team's culture?"

One of the audience responses was, "wear a costume in zoom."

Been there, done that, have the fursuit. :kitty_trans:

Oh, gods, now they're playing a TED talk about "trust & cooperation."

People cooperate to solve problems. That builds trust in everyone else who engaged in good faith.

Lack of trust & cooperation at work is the result of the deliberate atomization and disempowerment of workers. To build trust & cooperation, you need get rid of all of the dozens of layers of useless-at-best management and encourage people to solve their problems for themselves.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Thank you

It's voting as theater. “Collecting feedback" as a performance meant to salve the outraged masses with a pretense of listening to them, when in reality it means nothing and has little bearing on how the agency in question will be run going forward.

Sometimes matters shift after such feedback, and sometimes meaningfully. But always in a way that the real agenda-makers choose to allow, and never in a way that threatens their personal power.

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