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If you're trans, remember: the point of changing your appearance and presentation is to feel better living in your own skin. Anyone who gives you grief for not meeting some arbitrary standard is welcome to go shag a cactus.

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Telegram’s tools for dealing with trolls are so awful. Why the heck can’t I block or mute them in group chats?!?

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Okay, now that I’ve eaten, I want a warm spot to curl up on for a post-lunch snooze. Is that really too much to ask?

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uspol, impeachment 

uspol, impeachment 

I jumped on the whole planesona thing when a lot of my friends were ragging on 'em

They stopped when I made a really cute one

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I've met loads of furries that weren't even alive before cameras could mostly set aperture and focus and shutter speed for you.

I'm gonna be running a basic photography concepts panel at ANE called "What the F-stop?!?". Hopefully this helps some people understand the DSLR manuals that are written in terms of concepts that everybody had to know to operate manual film SLRs in the Bad Old Days.

This is the camera I learned photography on. If you put a battery in, it has a built-in light meter. Everything else is manual.

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