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I generally don't accept follows from accounts with no visible toots and no connection to people I know and trust.

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culture, competition (-) 

One thing I really hate about my culture is its fetishization of competition. We create needless competition in business, sports, politics, etc. Why? It is destructive, it creates more losers than winners, and it wastes resources that could be better used to solve our collective problems. Proponents claim it spurs innovation and achievement. Bullshit: it spurs cheating and gaming the system. Competition of *ideas* is better served by *cooperation* to study them.

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Ref sheet, nude but not explicit 

I should probably pin Britt's ref sheet.

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If you're trans, remember: the point of changing your appearance and presentation is to feel better living in your own skin. Anyone who gives you grief for not meeting some arbitrary standard is welcome to go shag a cactus.

sex adjacent 

Lookie what just came in the post: the closest thing to a 55 gallon drum of lube Ibe ever owned.

it’s international cat day!!! please appreciate all the kitties in your life today!

it’s almost like it’s caturday again but better. i feel very important. :blobcat: 🌎

uspol, lgbtqia+, union, union-busting 

The latest episode of It Could Happen Here on Starbucks union busting is well worth listening to as a queer person: it covers the intersection between being queer, union organizing, and union-busting, including how management holds queer folk hostage by dangling medical care.

My guess is the source of this trouble is that the paint that’s coming off here is just packing paint on the previous repair panel. This sort of thing needs a good primer and a couple coats, or it’s gonna do this.

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One of the chunks of floor pan rail I cot out and replaced. Crispy mofo.


Oh, yeah, ploughman’s sandwich for lunch. My version has tart pink apples*, sharp white cheddar, and onion and garlic jam.

(* No, I am not going to use the trademarked name for an IP-licensed apple variety, even if it is my favourite.)

I propose that we call the mix of oil and coolant that results from a blown head gasket "motor santorum."

gross motorhead joke 

I propose that we call the mix of oil and coolant that results from a blown head gasket "motor santorum."

I'm at a DEIA committee meeting at work. The speaker, who five minutes ago related a conversation with an autistic person who told him about how they fidget and so on when engaged, rarely make eye contact, and so on. And then this guy goes on to tell us that the workforce should be making "microaffirmations" through body language, eye contact, and so on.

So the plan is to for autistic folks to mask more. You know, for DEIA.


uspol, education 

The USA’s theocrats have long sworn that if they could not co-opt public schools, they would destroy them. They are making progress. @OCRbot

academic whinging 

I am listening to a very famous professor in the high-integrity computing field set up for a talk and fail utterly to comprehend why others might see grey bars over the presentation or what might be done about it. (Spoilers, they're overlay panels from the sharing software and they're not, themselves, shared.)

We've all been giving virtual presentations for a few years now ... how the hell is this person *this* bad at it?!?

USAian electoralists will be like “we need a third party!” or “this wouldn’t be happening if EVERYONE voted”

as if the UK and Australia don’t exist

If you see huge planes in science fiction, you're seeing nonsense. Not only did we have trouble filling and using A380s (leading Airbus to pull the plug), but there is an inescapable technical problem involved in wingborne lift of half a million kilos: wake vortices:

The more lift you need to generate, the bigger the patch of sky you roil up and make deadly for other aircraft.

If you wanna help me out I could use the money. If not for food, for surgery costs

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I hauled out an N95. As much as I don’t to have to wear this around the house, it does keep the roommate’s stanky shit out of my nose.

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