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Hello, I'm Raziel!

I'm an autistic West Indian graduate pursuing Information Science. I'm shamelessly homosexual, vegetarian, and kink friendly (so send all your little cherub boys to me).

Religion, namely Christian mythology, is a central interest of mine. I love to write and roleplay, and religion + religious morality is always a central theme.

Splatoon, Dragon Age, and TWEWY are the other loves in my life, I'm always thrilled to talk about them or play.

I hope you all have been hugging your local demons in my absence.

I can't believe I've only been gone for a month. It feels like forever and no instance I've been on since has been as comfortable as YL to be honest

@somnius Hey! I just wanted to say I love the design / aesthetic /ideals of your instance. 💛

How is it one in the morning already? I barely remember it reaching 11pm.

also trainers in general are whack abolish pokéballs rise up no gods no masters

some YCHs based on Alphonse Mucha's #art! these were.... so much fun to do....... :polarbears:

#mastoart #digitalpainting

Me not being allowed to pop this pussy out in public is thotophobia

mastodon has made me go from moodily staring at my phone a lot to laughing loudly and staring at my phone a lot

gender is a scam invented by bathroom companies in the 1960's in order to sell more bathrooms

I do not feel guilty for watching all these MacDoesIt videos while logged in to @crucifix's YouTube account.

The backyard is full of crows and I Am Afraid.

Please do not use this product, none of this is true. We are not "microscopic" (???), we ask for consent before doing any hand-holding, and you can't get rid of us with a spray. We're not cats??

We will however turn you into a prancing sodomite after touching parts of your body at midnight, corrupt your soul, and fill you with permanent demonic urges.

Me: food from a gas station?
Friend: m8 you love Wawa...
Me: Wawa is a cafe that serves gasoline

when will i get off my ass and draw my demonsona


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