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New ref sheet by fireflufferz 👀👀

Full res and NSFE versions won't be posted publicly anywhere c:

As much as I like fun, exciting, and adventurous foods... there are times when a simple cheese pizza is all that I desire. (◠﹏◠✿)

In such a big mood for sushi today, ahhhh. Or Indian food. AHHHH. So hrongery. :(

Memoirs of a failed Zootopia shower RP: 

I really like that I won't need a second account to log in/out of just to post hronry material because of sensible ad hoc content settings on here. )i(

tbh it's pretty heartwarming seeing familiar faces pop up on this site. :)

tfw @pandorasfox won't engage in some casual Zootopia role play in the shower with me... she almost stepped out when I asked her to play Pred Vs Pwey :(


I normally don't talk about this kind of stuff but ahhhh there's so much cute art of Pandora and I... or just Pandora... that is in the works. ^^'

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