Got my boyfriend's new SIM card in the mail today... buzzing with anticipation to see if this techie, niche budget cellular carrier can actually work as a viable alternative to the Big 4

Is fetlife any good? who uses fetlife? what is fetlife for?

Before going to slut school, you should attend the "sexual orientation" to familiarize yourself with the other attendees 😈👍


Hard: 1 hour
Medium: 30m(score x 2)
Easy: 15m (score x 4)

Getting a couple of car parts delivered today: a gear to fix my broken odometer (stuck at 230886 for like a year) and purple gauge cluster backlights (haha gay.) Let’s hope installation goes smoothly!

They charged me for regular oil but gave me synthetic 🙆‍♂️💵

A race condition in the text buffer resulted in “watermelon” being output to the console as “waterlemon”

Like, don’t fine me for parking in a fire lane if I’m not in a fire lane?? I’m not going to appeal because it’s a waste of time but jeez

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Appealed a parking ticket to the judge today. Apparently it doesn’t matter that I wasn’t in a fire lane because there’s no free parking available, and photo evidence can be altered. Jfc... I don’t care about the fine much, but it’s the principle of it...

I'm a little c-bot
Short and stout
Here is my I/O
Here is my cout
When my buffer fills up,
You'll hear me shout
*R{£ÌõGp™Ãìj”¾é>i”¿ê A l ˜ Ä

the best-tasting pretzels are the free ones 😎🥨🆓

Me: I just remembered a dream I had where I had to perform the Heimlich maneuver...
Cass: how'd that go?
Me: not that well I think

sure would be cool if my school could put 5 of my classes on tues/thurs instead of just 4... Feels like a waste to go a whole hour to campus for a 50 minute class

LRT: this shit has been WILD! As a former customer service worker, some of the issues that have occurred with this are just... so so SO bad. Even Amazon would have given a 10% discount and free shipping for something this egregious

Happy birthday to my sweet boy @[email protected] Thank you so much for being a part of my life. I love you so much 💜

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