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latex, rubber, catsuit, gas mask, drone, techwear, pictures 

Pics from a photoshoot a couple of weeks ago.

It's really, really, really good to be fully enclosed in tight rubber

Full-res pics and access to my discord available to patrons!

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EVEN MORE LEWD scribble 

what's she looking at?

I dunno maybe this????

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nsfw selfies (suggestive, light nudity), drone kink 

corporate pinup calendar ;2c

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horny pic, bdsm gear 

tfw you get a mannequin to be a rack for your gear

she’s a really good sculpture for the apartment and I can’t wait to use her in a shoot :3c

haven’t thought of a name yet tho !

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nsfw photo, drone kink, gun, ahegao 


shot by @[email protected] :3c

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nsfw photos, drone kink, firearms, u KNOW they’re gonna touch snouts 

:ms_spiral: OFF DUTY :ms_sweat_drops:

📸: @[email protected]

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