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I’m Quincy! The red panda gal is Creampop. I draw furries and talk about how much I love my friends.
Art acct: @[email protected]
Private accts: ask

I don’t have a spot for my huge red panda plush so it swaps places with me between the bed and my chair depending on if I’m waking up or going to bed. Not sure if Wes notices when we switch places.

*The sound of paws clacking on the floor after a pedicure completely dries*

Coworker: If you could be any animal wh-


This weekend was especially relaxing and stress free 🌻

Why did I think drinking cold brew at night would be a good idea

My youngest niece’s first birthday party was cancelled but I’m still gonna dress up today

I love that cannon busters has intermissions with a voice that says the title of the show

I had my fingers crossed for Sephora to still have trans skincare classes but there’s nothing going on in my area

Bought my first pair of flats. These things are torture but they’re cute.

Enter the florpus made me laugh just as much as the original invader zine tv show

I love my coworkers. They make work so much better.

Wes: I never thought I’d hear her say ‘the sweetest red panda you’ll ever meet.’

“What are your partners?”

UUUUH my many characters!

“What are fur babies?”


Whenever I introduce myself to a new coworker I say “welcome aboard” and I just can’t stop embarrassing myself

My 20 minute nap turned into… 4 hours? How’s everyone’s night?

I love getting extra food from work. Shower me in egg.

Hi I just finished jogging and my legs are goop

Bless my partners for being there when I need them 🧡

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