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I’m Quincy! The red panda gal is Creampop. I draw furries and dabble in surrealism. Check out my work, contact info, and commission info:


Y’all remember when I used to use green hearts instead of orange? Who was I???

Last night during my closing shift I was able to talk about all of my partners casually without being judged. My coworkers were genuinely interested. They wanted to get to know me and they were respectful about it

Please look at how cute my partner’s sonas are

The neapolitan adoptables are in stock!

Tag someone who’s always waking up valid

My fly was down for that whole meeting lord save me

I wanna finish a drawing but I have to get ready for a meeting >:[

Drawing new things takes so much tiiime

Working on making my drawings feel less stiff

I’m almost at my weight goal! I’m gonna have to set a new one soon 🏃🏽‍♀️

Stayed up late to finish the strawberry adopt 💤

A little thing I love about texting my partners is that we all use different color heart emojis that represent us

Somehow I got sick on my day off. Good news is I’ll get to drink 10x more tea

Whenever I get a fursuit I hope the maker designs the head to look like she’s smizing

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