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I’m Quincy! The red panda gal is Creampop. I draw furries and dabble in surrealism. Check out my work, contact info, and commission info:


Y’all I’m so excited to finish this example badge

Y’all ever accidentally dead name yourself in your mind

I haven’t painted my nails in months. It’s time 💅🏽

I only have one more to finish. I can start drawing furries… soon

Who wants to make fwa plans with me so we can experience mystery skulls

He texted. Now I don’t have to show up cause coworkers are already scheduled to close. Follow! Your own! Schedule!

Boss called. Apparently I have a shift today even though the schedule says I have today off. How do you mess up this bad 🤬

*blows kisses at all the critters out there* happy Valentine’s Day 🧡

My otter got a drink at a drive thru and the lid didn’t have a hole for the straw??

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