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•Flat color: $45
•Shading: $60
•Add character: +$30
•Background prices will vary
•nsfw is accepted


I forgot how much cooking is involved with meal prep 😩

I didn’t think playing Alien Isolation would scare me to death but here I am on my deathbed

I like to start my mornings with a nice tall glass of I love my girlfriends juice

Finally got this hand-me-down running. I need to install an OS next

I thought I could finish she-ra without crying 😭

Aced my interview. I won’t be in food service much longer 😤

My mouse finally arrived! My pc setup is done 😭

I'm gonna try to make the most of my leave by catching up on self care and productive hobbies

Ah. Work is sending me home for another week without pay

I love taking photos of my metamour’s dog 🐶

This is my overview of the Twitter accounts I had the most interactions with recently. Via

@ plural mutuals

Would it be ok to reach out to one of y’all? I’m experiencing something that might be plurality

We have to get our temp taken at work every day until this mess is over

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