@BestGirlGrace how do you memorize hjkl cause i like a browser with vim inspired controls and i forget which is which every time

aren't you tired of making rock puns don't you just wanna go apeschist

@EeveeEuphoria thank you!!!! you've made my life much brighter!!!!!!!

@Gumby this is my grinchsona the Grimch. They're like the grinch but goth

technically they're not called medusas they're called medusa's monsters

i literally cannot advocate enough for putting a good mood song or two into your bad mood playlists because sometimes they can and will turn that shit around

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positive hot take (sadly) 

*deletes and redrafts my post* *deletes and redrafts my post* *deletes and redrafts my post* *deletes and redrafts my post* *deletes and-

@EeveeEuphoria id cause i forgot: literally just a deer head with no details because i was just focusing on the ears sorry its lazy hehe!!

@EeveeEuphoria deer kinda got big ears so i like to draw a line at an angle and then make curves to fit the ear shape. theyre kinda like curvier donkey ears at a different angle

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