Duolingo guilt tripping me and calling me a quitter 

Hey duolingo? What the fuck? it's been like a week

Begpost (not me dw) (boosts+) 

So the person who made the emoji attached lost their car due to a racist. They're an immigrant so they don't get stimulus or anything if you can help it would help them a lot
Here's their info

No one can have this drip Dante! It's mine. It belongs to a son of Sparda.

Counting on this to work because im between hrt regimens rn... feel free to repost this and claim you found it lmao

If you don't understand this you aren't punk in my eyes sorry to say

Lewd shitpost 

Me thinking about getting rawed

CURSED: big titty anime girl wearing a bra made of meat 

She's holding a giant steak thingie (lamb chop?)

eye strain (black and red) guns (yes shadow the hedgehog too) 

i spent a hilariously large amount of time working on this

made this for my tumblr where i boost a lot of content for gay girls only because so many people have pissed me off today especially bitch ass motherfucking trevor who im gonna be cussing out under my breath for the next week

Medical not gross 

So im here for my endoscopy(?) Its an egd idk if thats an endoscopy but anyways
My bracelet has my preferred name and gender!! Sorta haha

A meme for people mad about the stimulus 

Image I am not captioning so it cant be searched back to me if you add an id take my @ out of it

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