Moneybeg, last update 

We are grateful for all yall's help, for now we're good, for 2-3 months. thank you all very much!

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Moneybeg, update 1 

so we have been offered a reasonable repayment plan. tomorrow im gonna agree to it, and talk to them about it, because itll mean i allegedly only have to pay 1,266 a month. im not sure if this requires i pay last and this months rent this month although i wouldnt put it past them. so far we have 410.17, and the roommate said hed also put 800 towards it. I'm still not sure how this works despite the research ive done but thanks yall for the support

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Me, my roommates, and my cat are being evicted in 12 days. Full disclosure: both my boyfriend and my roommates are waiting for enough money to cover it to arrive but we're not sure when/if either amount will get here on time.
If y'all can boost this I'd really appreciate it.
My is
Email is [email protected]

I swear the aforementioned are gonna all turn out to be pedophiles and groomers and if you think im being ridiculous, please leave a comment so i can block you please

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Sorry but i do not trust people who post nsfw content AND let minors follow them. Thats fucking awful how is that not an issue for some of yall

Can a centaur go down stairs? πŸ€”
Cause a horse can't allegedly

One (1) gender 

Cis person: have you had, you know. The Surgery?

Me, with a wolfish grin revealing sharpened teeth: Hell yeah I did!

Im so glad nobody gets mad at you on mastodon for liking a bunch of their posts. How else will my friends know I support them when I'm too shy to speak but the post isn't really for boosting?

Fash expl. Re: prev misinfo 

That was misinformation, im not deleting it because i think deleting your mistakes isnt cool, but the labrys (the axe) was created in ancient greece, and wasnt used that way until fascists did in the mid 30s. I personally had only seen it in fascist imagery and had heard from evidently incorrect sources that it was always a fascist thing like the iron cross. If the iron cross isnt originally fascist i wouldnt be surprised tbh. Anyways
Its cool and i factchecked myself

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The swastika is reclaimable by buddhists because it wasn't invented by nazis but im fairly certain that axe is a fascist symbol invented by like, mussolini or w/e

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Yall... the axe lesbian flag is literally using original fascist imagery?? There is no reclaiming it...

Food question 

Friends, or strangers, may I have your breakfast opinions?

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Omg i forgot to update my age!!! Im actually 22 now

Time for my Whenever I'm Reminded Of The Term Conlang hot take again:

Literally every language is a con lang. People made that shit up yall

Food ment 

Me when im trying to spread jam or cheese on a cracker and it FUCKING BREAKS


Smh my head @ the shrimpmongers
Why can't i get colossal shrimp deveined and tails removed

The only person ive ever known that liked it and wasnt a fascist or ok with fascists is my dad and hes been punk his whole life

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For the record, if someone likes wh40k, please be concerned

Update to this the instances i was talking about were,, and

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