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My favorite tik tok, also its softporn (no nudity) 

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Very Lewd 

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Please don't make jokes about racism in my posts that don't mention it. At the very least cw it. Thank you. I deal with that stress enough in real life.

i see its alexis bangers day where alexis boosts all her bangers again

fractela but its not from anything 

dick joke 

anyways this post comes with the very Important reminder that you can block whoever you want for whatever reason including because they watch watership down for fun.
you are not obligated to listen to anyone on your private feed you scroll for fun. just block everyone you don't like seriously i cannot stress this enough this includes dms and family members thank you very much

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Impl. Misgendering 

Mark your calendars folks! National Bunny Day is september 25th!


Just was thinking to myself "oh yugi rbed a post of mine" and yknow what im pretty sure im not wrong for calling Mika Yugi

Instance block rec 

my friend asked if they could use my fursona in their porn comic not as one of the characters fucking but rather as the random being that shows up to grant a the main character’s horny kink wish and I’ve never been so flattered or honored in my life

Transgender people understand the power of names better than any fictional magic person, that's just how it is, sorry.

I foolishly believed the positive Amazon review for this hair removal product but it doesn’t work at all. The user who wrote that review is clearly an unreliable Nair rater

if "all" you managed to do today was wake up and scroll the internet, i'm so proud of you, and i'm so happy you're here. the world is brighter with you in it.

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