Friendly reminder that making fun of bad people for their body or interests or quirks that have nothing to do with being a shitty person will just reflect onto friends or strangers with similar traits. IM ESPECIALLY looking at those of you making fun of disabilities ie jokes about incontinence due to ivermectin can and do hurt queers with incontinence.
Before you make a funney dunk maybe think about who youre hurting

re: $ request 

Owl house evergreen toot 

Duolingo guilt tripping me and calling me a quitter 

Is a brony who has a ponysona a furry, y/n?

Ableism Hot Take 

hot take re goths and posers 

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does anyone know of any monospaced gothic fonts? I like alagard but it's not monospaced :c

climate emergency declared (please boost) 

im gonna be offline for the rest of the day. if you need me, my discord is Inky#3569

masto meta 

what are the odds of someone with one linux foundation certified sysadmin cert getting a remote junior sysadmin position? Replies encouraged!

caps, excited, screen reader unfriendly (Great News) 

re: my mh (+); where ive been 

Death adjacent 

I just had to figure out what an nft is. I think thats enough internet for today haha

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