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My favorite tik tok, also its softporn (no nudity) 

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Very Lewd 

begpost, death impl. (cancer) 

Death adjacent 

I just had to figure out what an nft is. I think thats enough internet for today haha

aren't you tired of making rock puns don't you just wanna go apeschist

technically they're not called medusas they're called medusa's monsters

i literally cannot advocate enough for putting a good mood song or two into your bad mood playlists because sometimes they can and will turn that shit around


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Class related poll 

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Class related poll 

positive hot take (sadly) 

*deletes and redrafts my post* *deletes and redrafts my post* *deletes and redrafts my post* *deletes and redrafts my post* *deletes and-

jared leto joker but the tattoo says cw: damaged

ok i know its because its a robot posting account but cw damaged is the funniest shit ive ever read in my life

What can i put in my room to make it comfier? Preferably things that don't cost too much (but if its really good, go ahead and suggest it!)
This is an open poll, just leave a response!

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