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"As a Black lesbian mother in an interracial marriage, there was usually some part of me guaranteed to offend everybody's comfortable prejudices of who I should be. That is how I learned that if I didn't define myself for myself I would be crunched into other people's fantasies for me and eaten alive."
-Audre Lorde

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Hey everyone, I'm Nick! I'm a council communist who's also a corvid. I have a BA in linguistics; my mother tongue is English, and I've studied French, German, Russian, Japanese, Irish, Old Irish, and Welsh formally; language diversity and decolonization are important to me. I am a white settler living on Nishnaabeg territory in central Ontario, Canada; I hope to study Nishnaabemwin (Ojibwe) formally after the pandemic. Feel free to chat with me; I hope we get along well!

Turns out that Russia and China didn’t ‘weaponize’ QAnon. A new report about QAnon makes a bombshell claim that data scientists say doesn't hold up. U.S. really needs to start doing some introspection instead of constantly looking for others to blame for their problems.

the vaccine made me even hotter and even gayer (selfie, boosts +++)

Ever Given crew fears getting stranded on their ship 

So sailors getting stranded on their ships while the ship's owners negotiate with authorities (or just wait until the ship goes away) is a thing and the Ever Given crew is worried they'll not be able to leave the ship while the owners are in talks with the Egyptian government.
"According to the International Maritime Organisation, there were at least 31 cases of abandonment between January and August 2020, concerning 470 seafarers. The IMO has recorded 438 cases affecting 5,767 seafarers since 2004.
Even Mohammed Aisha’s longstanding case isn’t unique to the Gulf of Suez: a Turkish captain, Vehbi Kara, was abandoned onboard the MV Kenan Mete in June last year, left on a ship infested with mice and without food or water."

share/donate to help a black nonbinary sex worker who is being targeted by white supremacists

youve heard about neural networks.... but maybe you should read about Indra's

colophon once said your religion needs to be a source of humor for you, and i think the same should apply to your political ideology. if you can't laugh at yourself then you certainly won't be able to accept criticism

dragon oc sketch thing.

just kinda felt like creating a new character/dragon oc and ended up making this. pretty happy with it if I say so myself.

comm for @/possum_pop and @/digitdeer over on twitter! just two dorks playing with the lasso tool

"master chief, would you mind telling me what you're doing on that ship?"
"sir. hot girl shit."

Mecha anime about Amazon warehouse workers who are given mecha so they can pick packages faster and are like "wait a minute, we have mechs why are we putting up with being treated like this?" and take over a warehouse, turning into a worker-controlled co-op like ala Mandragon.

actually the freemasons aren't big anymore. their splinter group, the libremasons, are where everyone's moved to

Atem's headpiece having the eye on it was just symbolism for how his third gamer eye was open

sex is a construct, i say, revealing my large magically animated automaton named "sex"

Body language experts are always a fucking riot. "See how he's frowning? That means he's upset. See how he looks away for a second and then keeps talking? That's him saying that he's guilty of triple homicide. I'm an expert. I know."

@Colophonscrawl forensic analysis whips, it's literally just a guy with three degrees making shit up like a penny arcade fortune teller

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