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if you're a white person who abstains from voting bc your moral code, consider instead

ask a disenfranchised person of color who they would vote for, and vote for that person

you can stay true to your sensibility and combat white supremacy at the same time

i come onto the web site to get mad about the gender

hello i'm back to say i love cute dog people

fiddlin w some instruments and talkin about future streams!!
Stream's up! gonna try to chop some samples n track vox

sappy gay drawing Lesson 2 on How to Comic. I'm calling it "Draw The Background, You Coward".

I don’t care what kind of fucking artisan bread you’re toasting just eat the avocado without constructing a travesty

Stream time 

Hey fam, my queue is opened back up. If you're interested in commissioning me, hmu!! You can check out my art on, or


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