plurality shitpost 

plurality aka being pee-shy around yourself

what is it about annoying high end hipster coffee places that don’t stock anything sugar free?? it’s really frustrating and it means i have to keep going to places like dutch bros for coffee.

just gonna say it’s a bit odd to see a bunch of middle aged white guys walking around in ‘punjabi power’ t-shirts but maybe there’s some alternative interpretation of that 🤷‍♀️

watching antitrust (2001), weed 

(you can tell I'm high lol)

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watching antitrust (2001) 

Gary Winston goes on and on about how synapse will link any communication device with any other device anywhere in the world via satellites, and how you can instantly send data and text and pictures and movies, and like, that's just google and apple? except instead of launching satellites they just turned all the telephone companies into puppets 🤷‍♀️

when you hire someone, perhaps carefully consider how you announce that to the rest of the org, especially if it's a small one. if one person gets a lot of fanfare and such (because they're an "infosec rockstar", for instance) and others don't, how the *fuck* do you think your other employees are gonna feel?!

my favourite sentence from the wikipedia page about rabbits is "The rabbit often appears in folklore as the trickster archetype" because OF COURSE they are. 🐰

cc @DrSagan

if ios could stop correcting subtoot to sunroof that would be really helpful lol


you’d better be staying warm dammit <.<

i'm not ready to post the sketch just yet but it's going pretty well so far tbh. i'm impressed with myself.

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oh look another few chewed up USB cables.

the rabbits obviously, right?? nope, the damned cat.

attempting to draw again for the first time in a while

wish me luck

i recommend giving my bedroom a wide berth, this process is fuckin baaaad :p

don’t be surprised by swearing. lots and lots of swearing.

food/keto mention + pic, ++ 

(now i just need keto latkes :sparkles_red:

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food/keto mention + pic, ++ 

in good news, said friends dropped by and also dropped off some keto sufganiyot one of them made!!! i haven’t had a whole one of these in yearrrrs. i feel a lot better.


will actually do an intro post soon. but wanted to say hi anyway.

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