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i have a novel idea β€” how about we don’t try to convince people that their adaptations, access needs, coping tactics etc are bad because they’re inconvenient to you in some way or because you disagree on it’s importance??

this is very much too common and ultimately translates into the β€œim disabled so i need x” and β€œx is bad for the environment/city/makes other disabled people look bad/is annoying to me/etc etc”

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can you break up with a metamour?

asking for a headmate

what asshole decided that the bottom of mac minis should be *slippery*??

.... wait telegram premium is actually a serious actual thing.

oh fuuucking helll

signing all my messages at work with an emoji of an overcaffeinated heart and an emoji of a hacker cat

system, out of context 

nice ip address, did your dhcp server pick it out for you?

describing the layout of your system using ipv4/ipv6 analogies and metaphors

tv hearing accessibility idea 

idk why i haven't thought of this sooner, and i'm sure a lot of other folks have.

i have some of those little adapters that plug into devices headphone ports and lets you use bluetooth headphones with them. mainly got them for amateur radio stuff

and yeah you can use them with a tv with an audio output for headphones BUT you could also connect a bluetooth speaker that you could put closer to you, which will be esp useful to keep it down late at night

it's really bad when i'm the healthy one in any given polycule lol

meds mention 

the cat has decided that my method of storing my medications is no longer acceptable and has poured a week's worth of meds all over my floor under my bed

thanks for that ><

(yes ive made absolutely certain she didn't eat any!!)

plurality, out of context 

"honestly as much as i hate dealing with RAID and LVM they make some great analogies for plurality"

the thing no one tells you about polyamory is to get a car that doesn’t cause arguments between various involved parties

i am also brainstorming with a few codeyfriends about if there's actually a solution for this within the bounds of what the platforms will allow* and what the necessary applications and APIs make available to us?

idk if it'll go anywhere but i'm kinda hoping it does, it seems like this is a big problem with no good solution right now tbh

* (e.g. discord's "no other clients" [except matrix bridges] rules)

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sorry to keep boosting this, i'm just trying to get some visibility to it.

also to be clear, workflow and social solutions are accepted, i'm not just after the technical ones?

except any solution involving "force your friends to switch app or they're not your friend" can just totally miss this thread tyvm

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wire totally changed their ui without warning and my manager and i had to spend 5 minutes trying to figure out how the fuck you hang up before i just disabled my wifi adapter lol


(ngl i genuinely preferred dealing with RIPE. a lot. lol)

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why does ARIN always gotta be so judgy. i don't need to justify myself to anyone, fuck you.

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