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Heyy just a reminder that this account is only Locked so I can make sure people are over 18 before approving follow requests, so put that in ur bio before requesting or I probably won't approve it lol


:over18: furry / postfurry nsfw . . . Follow up to last series 

A hole is still a a hole, regardless of what optional equipment it may have attached

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:over18: furry / postfurry nsfw, robo gore adjacent I guess? 

Stupid bonus
Self Care UwU

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This whole Ad thing wasn't canon bc I imagined his body being entirely one-off + self-designed and all his parts custom, but I might make something like it canon bc:
- It was fun to imagine
- I already assumed things like cybernetic body mods would exist in his version of reality

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:over18: furry / postfurry nsfw, disembodied cyborg bits 


Get Ready for More Cybuck Junk but a little less weird this time

:over18: Furry/Postfurry porn 7/7 🎉 

[Extra CWs for this one:
- Robo-gore but he will be fine lol
- Vore-adjacent bullying

I guess my hips get to be a cockring for a while. This is fine

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:over18: Furry/Postfurry porn 6/7 

[Extra CWs for this one:
- No Longer Mild Gape
- Mild robo-gore but he's fine]


😳 Oh haha he kinda snapped my lower jaw frame in half and it fell out, can someone pick that up for me? So embarrassing lol these new ones are so brittle haha ok anyway who's next lol- Wait ur still here? Youre too big now I think haha. Wh-

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:over18: Furry/Postfurry porn 5/7 

What a good hole . . .

[Extra CW: All The Way Through but he's fine. cyborg can do this it's allowed]

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:over18: Furry/Postfurry porn 3/7 

Time for the other end . . .

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:over18: Furry/Postfurry porn 2/7 

A. . .

[Extra CW relatively mild gape]

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:over18: Furry/Postfurry porn 

Cybuck in the fuck box
What happen next. . . . .

[ Extra Content Warnings for the rest of this thread:
- all the way through / threading
- vore-adjacent robo gore (?)

He's fine tho and having a good time :3

Imagine having a lot less physical/biological limitations & being into pushing your body's limits anyway... ]

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horny stupid 

To Whom It May Concern,

My Nuts Hang

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nsfw, public sex, oral sex 

so glad i got this done before midnight! I hope everyone had a good Pride.

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