horny shitpost dskjflgh 

Lucario's Prostate Flattener

re: dumb body / gender words shitpost 

Ok like I'm aware those two aren't exactly necessarily interchangeable but u get the idea + also that's just a funny weird phrase to imagine someone saying

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Dumb body / gender words shitpost 

πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ "AMAB"
πŸ‘‰ "Member of the cock and balls community"

:over18: irl nsfw video (linked) 

cw irl nsfw, butt, hole

finished a video with stupid camera setup . . .

:over18: irl nsfw video, nudity, ass 

ok scratch that, I have to leave like 10 minutes ago but here's a preview

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Biomechanically Improbable Dick Energy

horny related nsfw, life stupid 

Emerging from my bedroom in a slight daze after just pulling myself off the knot & going to the kitchen to make a toasted spam n chease sandwich,
encountered my housemate in the kitchen doing some kind of fancy cooking involving a giant countertop convection oven I think and basically I feel like πŸ‘½

:over18: furry nsfw, quadrupeds, whaledragon :3c 

Two of them . . .

:over18: furry nsfw, ridiculous hyper bullshit, alt version 

sort of barely colored version

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:over18: furry nsfw, ridiculous hyper bullshit 

Ugh quit hogging both ends! smh

:over18: furry nsfw, mild hyper 

what if ur balls became fucken huge haha would that be fucked up or what

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