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@lynnesbian No you don't understand

The rule of the Internet is it's morning when you wake up (even if it's night time where you live) and night when you go to sleep (even if it's noon or something)

Pouring one out for @helldude (or @helldude who knows)'s Twitter getting banned

Cop fursuiters are real cops going undercover stay woke

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@sky ask and ye shall receive

Merry chrispiss and thank you for running the server out of your pocket so we can have this space to yell about tf, horn and general furry stuff ^^

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Millennials be like, "we've been fucking for a couple weeks now, you wanna date?"

fresh out of the oven by @Fireflufferz starring @boringcactus @pandorasfox and yours truly drinking that dumb bitch juice

ok hoping this is done now. smallish revisions etc. nsfw because peens

commission for someone on twitter

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why gender inanimate objects as “good boys” when you can call them “a complete and balanced breakfast”

yALL look at this shit right here which is on a page that i currently possess

shout out to @Fireflufferz for being incredibly talented and also a super fucking cool dude

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