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hello i am pretty and have lovely new boots which i love and am going to marry (lewd, eye contact, fantastic boots)

seriously though, this is the second or third depressive spiral this game has sent me on and i have had enough

i made a very silly thing for @sudo_bee so i could do some recreational coding

you'll need rust to compile it (stable works) or you can justs watch the gif

meta bullshit 

nsfw suggestive / my fursona bein a good girl 

Yeah I'm a sysadmin

S uper
Y good
S at following
A Digital Ocean
I tutorials

Food $10
Data $0
Rent $0
Giant Otter Plushies $3,600
Utility $0
someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. i can’t say no to this face

I’m Sky! It’s been a long road but I’ve become more and more comfortable being out over the years. I run a trans friendly Mastodon instance (, obviously) and proudly serve on the board of directors of a Chicago makerspace. I hope someday I’m comfortable enough to post an actual photo. ⁠ ⁠

Love y’all 💜💜💜

Truth staying in her well and just subtooting mankind cause she doesn't feel up for a big confrontation right now

vent mh- 

ok fingers crossed might delete later. here's my stupid essay attempting to synthesize my reflections on trying to navigate the quite intense discourse regarding queer vocabulary and identity.

cw for extreme discourse, mentions of various iterations of queerphobia (this is an essay about "the discourse", after all)

If you want to hear my thoughts on the Google Stadia, I've posted an in-depth write-up on my Google+ page.

reverse Pascal's Wager: if there WERE a deity who rewarded worship rather than rewarding working towards justice, following that deity's laws would be immoral, so it's logical to act justly regardless of the objective truth of any religion

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