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PSA: been thinking about identity and self-perception and i don't know if this'll feel comfy long term but at least for now i think i'm robot kin (i.e. i think of myself as a robot more so than as a human) and i'm also fine with it/its pronouns in addition to she/her

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meta bullshit 

meta grumbling, i don't even go here 

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me: "cyberbullying the troops is protected under the first amendment. the one bright spot in this otherwise miserable timeline"
the troops:
oh hey here's a big blog post i wrote a while back about what the Mozilla layoffs mean for FOSS as a broader movement:

All robots wanna do is eat metal, beep, smooch computer, boop, be gay, eat hot microchip and lie

millennials were on Second Life.
while boomers, are on their Second Wife.
really makes you think, doesn't it?

Kinky NSFW Robot Fantasy Redux (POV) 

Gendr sends you hand-picked genders every month that our gender experts know you’ll love. Try them all out— don’t like one? Send it back at no charge.

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robot girl making a script so that she can think about something else while doing a menial task

can i have some money so i can at least try to buy a laptop that has more than 4gb of ram and can have more than one thing open at once, because this is really impeding my "get a job in tech(?)" efforts

do yourself the kindness of looking at something and saying "i'm not gonna interact with this"

tiktok, influencer recruiting, capitalism 

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