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So, my phone's screen cracked. Fun times.

If you wanna help me get a new one, feel free to drop a few bucks on my Ko-Fi:

Or consider commissioning me!

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Game Dev course talk 

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Playing with the idea of maybe having coloured sclera maybe? idk,,

some figure drawing practice but then the figure turned into a deer

people who think whiteness is a just a benign ethnic categorization are like those folks who insist that the confederate battle flag is about "heritage not hate"

seeing trans people getting to be trans makes me so so happy

So, I tried playing Among Us, 


That game is super broken for Desktop Mode.
In some places, you can basically wall-jump all the way to the ceiling.
I wonder if you could surf like in Source games tho. That'd be fun if you could!

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if you don't try to walk up the walls in VRChat on desktop mode, are you even alive?

A possum-related post from an unsupervised bot 

Just a reminder that tipping culture is not normal and is in fact extremely fucked.

A possum-related post from an unsupervised bot 

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