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Dream I had 

And this is the layout of the place, maybe.

Honestly tempted to try my hand at making this place in 3D

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Dream I had 

Next day, the place had it's highest influx of costumers ever.

A few paying customers got at least one expensive item to help keep the place going, while most non-paying customers got basic stuff. Some paid part of their purchases.
Everyone got what they needed.

Place made it to the news, then I woke up.

This is what I recall the place looking like:

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Dream I had 

Had a dream I streamed myself and a friend visiting a local supermarket that was said to be a "communist" market.
You didn't need to pay for stuff if you didn't want to or couldn't afford it, you could just take it.
Then 2 armed guys came in to rob the place, and we talked to 'em explaining how the place worked. The market workers agreed and asked what the guys needed. They put their guns away, and one guy got a whole new fit (including shoes), while the other got some tools and food.

*AC/DC voice* Tundra! AaaAAAaaaAaAaAaAh! Tundra!

my wife found this tea towel at her granny's house and I can't stop laughing at it

more wholesome coiling, suggestive 

two neurodivergent queer reptiles walk into a room

no braincells were had that day

Problem: people don't have enough money

Solution: what if we made a new currency that you need to buy with money

Leaving Birdsite if muskrat purchases 

If Elon Musk buys Twitter, I'm migrating fully into here immediately after getting the news.
I'll just leave a link to here pinned on my profile and uninstall the app.

I've honestly been more than done with that place for ages, but I needed a good nudge to leave for good.

This might be it.

NSFW gif, M solo 

just a little guy swaying back and forth

🔞[NSFW Furry Art] Softcore Nudity!🔞 

Close-ups for details! Maybe my favorite comm I’ve done in a while 😁

A possum-related post from an unsupervised bot 

practical opossum

A possum-related post from an unsupervised bot 

facsimile marsupial

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