lewd nudes, old repost, obnoxious body part measuring because deep down i'm somehow both vain AND don't really care 

an animated GIF of dicks bouncing in slow-motion (nsfw, in case it wasn't obvious) 

NSFW furry art, bunnyshaped goobot shenanigans, 🎃 

a lil test of fl studio mobile, tried to see what i could do in like 10 minutes on this thing :0

i imagine i’ll be able to load more than one external instrument at a time on the ipad that’s on the way, but for now it’s just the M1 on one track ahaha

irl nude stuff, boosts ok 

nsfw furry art, the artist and her muse get frisky 

waiting for the last piece of this weird ass laptop to ship so i can sell the old dying hardware i have for scrap

selfies, eye contact, 26 vs. 36 

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nsfw furry art, is it cloning or time travel? 

nsfw furry art, leggy up 

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