Yiff.Life has successfully migrated to DigitalOceans Spaces and off of Wasabi. I apologize for the image issues over the last 12 hours as it turns out I needed to make a special tweak to our config to mask the CDN name (the S3_CLOUDFRONT_HOST variable). It wasn't an ACL issue as much as it was just the wrong URL. Thank you for bearing with me!

@sky for what it is worth, on Tusky, I'm having trouble seeing user avatars. I'm not sure if that's a problem with the app or the migration

@Anarchist_Mallrat yeah, I need to run a command against the bucket again in 5 min because the transfer wasn’t complete. Thank you for the heads up!


@sky User profile headers and images from other instances still result in an XML reply like

@ayron investigating, can you link one of the images?

@ayron it looks like this may only be affecting items that were copied in last night’s transfer and the s3cmd command is still rewriting the permissions on all those files to private. I hope to have an update in an hour or so

@ayron I am re-running the ACL command against smaller sets of folders since I think it might be timing out or something. But it doesn’t look like the issue is affecting new uploads. Might be easier to purge all remote data if this next try doesn’t work...

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