being reminded today of how ruinously attracted i am to ash titanfall2

tremendous decision by apex to bring her back and make her playable

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a goddess of immense power with a deep love for the world, horrified by the effect her blessing has on humans (they are, after all, only beings of flesh and blood)

the goddess' lone priestess, a mechanical being crafted by the goddess herself

no central processor or memory that could fail with time or damage, but their functions encoded into her soul

no power source other than her unyielding adoration for her goddess--much as the goddess has tried to insist she also have a backup source

i tend to lurk far more often than i post or interact with things (as i am terminally skittish at the best of times) but being on here has been great for my creative drive

i read through Serpentine a while ago and caught up on the Human Domestication Guide today and wow has it given me the itch to Create again

maids, robots, d/s 

it's just sybil vimes but for robot maids instead of swamp dragons and yknow what that's all i need

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maids, robots, d/s 

concept courtesy of my partner: an owner/mistress character who keeps her home staffed by robot maids with obsolete/temperamental chassis that can't easily get proper maintenance

she takes care of them like some people do with finicky classic cars and does all their maintenance by hand and they're all completely smitten with her as a result

ffxiv 70 raid spoilers if you squint but mostly robofeelings 

oops it's a day that ends in y time to get emotional about the hello world omega-f video again

kills me every time

hardly seems fair that it's the only one around here with heatsinks

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it continues to be the case that any time i clean my desktop tower i get a little wistful about it

i'm poking at the new big pso2 update and i think? they relaxed some of the more egregious gender locking on character creation

scattering caltrops around every remaining sharp corner in my UI in case a stray UX designer tries to round them

i've also been plugging away at worldbuilding and character concepts for the setting i built for a probably-defunct armour astir campaign, which might wind up here if/when i write something up for it

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now that my life has calmed down some and i'm not running at a constant energy deficit i've been getting back into reading and writing more! mostly the murderbot diaries and whatever snags my attention on readonlymind, which, uh, i guess says some things about where my head's at

ffxiv, 5.4 but not really spoilers 

crafter/gatherer melding: stressful, expensive

making i510 gear two days after the patch for friends who don't have the time/energy/gil for gear grinding: infinitely satisfying

ffxiv screencap, an airborne vacuum-sealed catgirl 

i haven't posted on here in forever but hey: this screencap turned out rad

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