It is done. Weird test, but I did my best to answer everything intelligently. Now to become a pile of spaghetti for the rest of the night. I'll clean up the fallout from the studying tomorrow lol

Less than four hours remaining to do most of my cramming for my final that will determine if I pass this class, which will determine my future financial stability. Let's do this.

Wow, I can't believe there's less than a month left in 2019. It's been a hell of a year.

Update: Just learned last night that apparently the rest of the waffle was elsewhere in the yard and that it had been discovered by my roommate's dog 馃槅

gender in child-raising (+) 

gender in child-raising (+) 

gender in child-raising (+) 

We threw a party tonight, and I tried a soft coming-out by changing my name/pfp in our group chat, asking the people who knew I was closeted to go ahead and start using my real name and pronouns with everyone else, and gently correcting people who used the old ones. It turned out to maybe not be the best idea though...I think all I did was confuse everyone. Sigh

Oh yeah, I retroactively livetweeted my Thanksgiving Experience on my Twitter, but I didn't post it here because there would've been too many content warnings :S

Last night, I was typing on my Moto G5+ when it suddenly stopped vibrating with my keypresses. Further testing revealed that I can't get it to vibrate at all anymore, even in recovery mode. I fear a hardware failure, but I guess I'll reimage my phone today just in case =/

Found the other half with my car's tire this morning. Have not confirmed if it contained the fugitive waffle or if it's still on the loose.

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