New art by AttacRacc of my snep character Katie, just in time for Festivus! Mow :3

I wonder how difficult it would be to compile modern-ish programs for A/UX, how useful they would be, and if anyone has tried recently...I tried searching about this but Google et al. are completely useless for searching about it; you just get a bunch of blogspam about "UX" =/

Wait what am I saying it's 2021 anything that goes near a computer is crazy expensive

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Are OLED computer monitors that aren't crazy expensive a thing yet? Because dark mode with no backlight glow… 👀

Looking at my class notes, I wrote "want fastest poss. op." and I can't help but read that as "want fastest possum operation"

Got lied to by a postal clerk today. Time for a FOIA.

All caps, current events, somewhat-joking (but I still want a serious answer) 


(The answers are, maybe? and about $50/month in my area, not including connection fees)

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No _you've_ stayed up past your bedtime looking through telco tariff documents to see if you can still get an ISDN line and how much it would cost

Yeah I'm a gamer girl…I store my GameCube controller with my estrogen

Anyone know how best to clean out a USB-C connector? I've dropped my phone into a bowl of queso =/

Spent the last half-hour scraping it out as much as I could but I'm not satisfied enough with that to try to plug it in

The retro news nobody is talking about: the SC-55 sample ROMs were dumped, decompressed and descrambled. Someone also extracted and repacked the samples into a Soundfont(!)

VOGONS post:
Soundfont repo:

It's a 300 MHz Celeron machine overclocked to 450 MHz (sort of like a faster Pentium II), with 256 MB of RAM and an ATi All-In-Wonder Pro VGA card (basically a 3D Rage Pro AGP card with a built-in TV tuner). It was my family's main PC from 1998 to ca. 2004, and then my main one for another 5-10 years after that

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Pulled out my Windows 98 machine last night and messed with it some. Today I find myself wanting to use it for more, and I have a feeling I had something specific in mind that prompted me to hook it up in the first place, but nothing is coming to mind =/

After fiddling with things for a while, I just gave up and said "well, let's just lower the RAM speed if the computer gets crashy." It was so frustrating

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Today I learned what a horrid state RAM testing programs are in for newer hardware. I was a bit shocked. The free/older tools don't work on DDR4/with lots of RAM (and I had a heck of a time trying to make bootable media for it in the first place too). Those that do work either cost money or have an intentionally bad and artificially hamstrung UI to annoy you into buying a "pro" version. It's just so gross

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