Starting a brand of computers called "Typey boy"


* The computer with less computer in it!
* No more surprises, unless you go on like FB or something, then that one's on you
* Tack-a-tack-a-tack-a (that's the sound you make while typing on a Typey boy)

*Slaps e-ink screen*

"This Typey Boy can fit so many pixels in it!"

(Not that many pixels, like 800x600, tops)

@bgcarlisle I feel like computers have gotten less efficient throughout my lifetime

we live in a post-scarcity computer society but our capitalist overlords waste so many resources in order to pretend we don't


@ben Literally the only thing we've changed in everyday (non-game) use that should require more computing power is that we watch video now which we already have efficient as shit hardware for.

@ari actually I have a documentary about this

it's two and a half minutes long and contains very few words

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