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Gamedev thoughts 

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If anyone wants to have me on telegram (no, you don't need permission. Just add me and maybe give your masto if it's not obvious πŸ’™ )

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nsfw talk 

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nsfw talk 

@PINE64 Where should I keep an eye out for an announcement on the first daily-driver-suitable OS for the pine phone? Is there a mailing list somewhere? Just keep an eye on the news posts/here?

@ari the companu was started on a farm in Iowa and they shipped their computers in boxes with that pattern on them!

Who at gateway went "We need a new logo, what should it be?" and then someone else in the room went "a cow but a cube" and then the entire company exploded in applause.

I wonder if certain words are more prone to semantic satiation. I feel like "image" might be one of them.

I'm the werewolf vendor, I have all these werewolves in very tiny glass jars with a leaf in them and some holes cut out, please buy some werewolves

Not playing videogames anymore because any time I ask for advice I get told to join the fucking discord. I will not join the discord. I will never join the discord. Put your knowledge base on something more accessible than a third party messaging app that could disappear at any moment you walking pairs of clown shoes

(obviously don't go here without an adblocker turned on.)

@sir Yeah, I'd much rather put Plan9 on a pedestal rather than Unix.

@cwebber got featured on boingboing c: it's not quite the same as back before BB became a nightmarish dystopia of ads where all of the regular people had to read it through the forum view, but still!

designing a fursona in a taco bell restroom is exactly what my life has culminated in and I have no regrets

Software is like an onion. If you open up the inner layers you start crying

FNA, a tool that is completely free for anyone to use with zero obligations, is ridiculously more well supported than game maker, a tool that i pay one thousand united states dollars per year to use

software under capitalism is a strange thing

Lewd, Mr Clean, wine moms 

"F. Murray Abraham embraces gaming" is not a phrase i ever expected to read, but here we are, it's 2020 and we're all dead and don't realize it yet

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