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Gamedev thoughts 

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If anyone wants to have me on telegram (no, you don't need permission. Just add me and maybe give your masto if it's not obvious 💙 )

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nsfw talk 

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nsfw talk 

i’m about to hit you with some “i’m an adult” shit. are you ready 

“Twink Nut ASMR” with Robin and Hyli

And it’s just us cracking shells and arguing about nuts in exaggerated sotto voce

@ari can we all TALK about this SHIT for a SECOND my DAWG

accomplishments are nice and all but they have nothing to do with whether or not you deserve to live or be happy

Cultural stuff that takes you forever to realize 

The only true mystery is that our lives are governed by dead people

kinda pointless dfhack question 

kinda pointless dfhack question 

"When x joins a posse" Does this apply when they start to form a posse, or only when they join it?

"In y's shootout" Does this apply to any shootout in which y takes place? A shootout where y is the one who called the other person out/started the job? A shootout round when y is the shooter?

I like doomtown a lot but holy shit did they need to completely redo their card text when they did reloaded.

Lol my phone just tried to autocomplete a phrase for me

I typed fucking and it immediately corrected the next word to @ari in caps

I don't think I've ever typed fucking ARI before but I've absolutely thought it 😘

Tonight's mood is: writing microservices in ocaml

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