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furry bulge, not explicit 

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new fursona post cause the other one got lost to the void. this is lukas! he's a long stoat who plays bass and can't drive.

(🖌️ : and @[email protected] )

my coworker pellets guy sent me $500 of his stimulus check to redistribute to masto folks in need, so i decided to create a community stimulus redistribution gofundme!

if you don't need some or all of your stimulus check, please donate! after a week I'll divide the funds and send an equal payment to everyone who requests one.


if you are in need of financial help and want to receive part of these funds, here's a private 1-question form:

Hey yall, I'm doing my first gaming livestream ever on Twitch this evening at 8PM EDT to play Jackbox

It's going to be open for anyone to join and I'll remind again closer to. Let's have some fun this evening!


RT @[email protected]

Being a Ferret:

- Short attention span
- compulsive need to take things
- stumpy legs no jump good

- Everyone thinks your antics are adorable
- Extremely flexible
- uncommon choice in the fandom; get to be unique but not sparkledog unique.

tee k.o. shirts 

coronavirus shitpost 

bull terriers are so well shaped. i'm obsessed with them


Question for furry, furry adjacent, therian, kin, or other related groups: how long have you considered yourself part of that community?

Please boost for reach! :boost_requested:

Hookup App Culture 

NSFW art, M solo animation 

My goodness! You should definitely back SimonWL on Patreon. Not just because he did a patron sketch stream where he did my sona Bowie with a Sylveon after a throwaway comment!

It is amazing! As is the comic, Weirdogs.

nsfw furry porn!! various lewds, nothing too crazy 

FGC assholes getting yeeted 

why's it gotta be cloudy i wanted to see the worm moon

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